Noida: Residents raise concerns on installation of Compressed Bio Gas plant
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Noida: Residents raise concerns on installation of Compressed Bio Gas plant

Residents share that the gases released from the plant will affect their health and harm green cover

Noida: Residents raise concerns on installation of Compressed Bio Gas plant

Noida: The residents of Noida and the Noida Citizen Forum (NCF) raised concern about the installation of a Compressed Bio Gas plant (CBG) plant in Noida, Sector 123. On this subject, Noida Citizen Forum wrote a letter to Noida Authority and Mahesh Sharma, Member of the Lok Sabha on April 11, 2022.

In the letter, the NCF has demanded from the Noida Authority to not install the CBG plant at sector 23 and find an alternate location for it. As per the residents, the Chief Minister of the Uttar Pradesh Government gave orders not to install any garbage collection plant within 2 km in any residential area.

This CBG plant is installed about 300 m from Homes 121 society. Residents are feeling uncomfortable due to the installation of CBG in sector 123. The residents shared that the gases released from the plants will adversely affect their health and also harm the environment.

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Indrani Mukherjee, Vice President, Noida Citizen Forum says, “Noida Authority is for helping the residents, not creating difficulties for them. They have the order of the Chief Minister to not install garbage collection plants in residential places. Why are they violating this order? We have regularly raised that the local representative should be present in the board meetings of Noida Authority, which will be very beneficial for the residents.”

Chakradhar Mishra, President of Homes 121 says, “The Noida Authority is trying to install this plant near our society. It is also very near to the sports complex which makes it very weird. Noida Authority claims that they will process 300 tons of waste here. Now, what if the machine does not work for one day, then 300 tons will change into 600 tons. It will only affect only the residents."

Dinesh Singh, a resident of Homes 121, sector 121 Noida says, “We did a protest in 2018 to raise this issue due to which the CM of Uttar Pradesh gave the order to not install CBG within 2km of a residential area. We have been raising this issue in front of our local representative, and Noida Authority but the Authority seems indifferent to our concerns."

Garima Tripathi, a resident of Homes 121 and secretary of NCF says, “Noida Authority should think about the health of the residents. Such a plant must not be installed in any residential area."