Greater Noida West : Parents worried as Covid cases increase again
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Greater Noida West : Parents worried as Covid cases increase again

Positive cases have also been found in the Shri ram Millenium and Millenium schools

Greater Noida West : Parents worried as Covid cases increase again

Khaitan school, Sector 40 Noida, shut its doors for physical classes on Monday, 11 April, after 16 cases of COVID-19(13 students and 3 teachers) surfaced in the educational institution in the past few days. Positive cases have also been found in The Shri Ram Millenium (sector 135) and Millenium schools (sector 119).

This news comes after a school in Uttar Pradesh's Ghaziabad was shut after two students tested positive for COVID-19.

A school official told news agency PTI that virtual classes are being conducted after the closure of the institution. The district health department is monitoring the COVID-19 outbreak at the school.

Many parents in Noida and Greater Noida are now worried about their children's safety.

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Shalini Agarwal,

a resident of Cherry county says, “I am a mother of two kids, one is 15 years old and the other is 8 years old. There is an increase in Covid cases. Apart from this, Kids are suffering from fever and dehydration from the scorching heat. In my opinion, we should adopt online classes for some time more.”

Vineeta Singh

, resident of Supertech Ecovillage 2 says, “Schools should not open now, only online classes should be held until a booster or vaccination comes out for children. For us, our children's health is more important than their studies. Even then schools open, complete Covid protocol must be followed."

Vikash Katiyar,

resident of Spring Meadows says, “There should be an online class as the cases are increasing. Schools are not following Covid protocols offline. Buses are crowded and there is no physical distancing in classes. There is definitely a loss in the education of children, but right now, their health should be the priority."

Azeem Khan, resident of Nirala Estate says, “My daughter’s age is 7 years old and she is a student of class 3. Cases are increasing simply because of the mismanagement of schools. They are not following any Covid protocols."

Shashi Bala, resident of Nirala Aspire, "I feel that schools must pay more attention to hygiene like other countries are. I believe that the senior grade students are capable enough of taking care of themselves. However, young children are not yet vaccinated so classes for them must be online. Countries have devised ways to normalize Covid with everyday life. Indian government must take similar measures and move on."

Pankaj Dwivedi, resident of SKA Greenarch says, “Classes should take place on alternate days. This is an effective way to break the chain."

Samridhhi Gupta,

a resident of Samridhhi Grand Avenue says, “ I am a mother of a 10-year-old who attends Pacific World school. It is scary to know about the rising Covid cases in schools but cases are increasing all over the world. Parents need to take precautions too. If the child is sick in any matter, don't send the kid to school for at least three days."

She continues, "So that if a child is suspected of carrying an infection that he or she should take the Covid test in the initial stage. Being vigilant is the only solution. Because kids' studies and mental health is getting affected. Their learning process has stuck it is being 2 years now and now we need to be more active.”