Greater Noida West: residents demand a bus stand from Authority
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Greater Noida West: residents demand a bus stand from Authority

Residents share summers are at their peak and there are no shades for commuters to wait for a bus

Greater Noida West: residents demand a bus stand from Authority

Greater Noida West: Residents of Greater Noida West are raising concerns about the dire need for a bus stand. Residents share that summers are at their peak and there are no shades for commuters to wait for the bus. This is causing many problems for the residents. They are thus asking the Greater Noida Authority to take immediate action and construct a bus stand in Greno West.

Noida Extension Flat Owners Welfare Association (NEFOWA), the helping hand of Greater Noida West residents has urged the importance of a bus stop many times and asked the CEO to build it as soon as possible. NEFOWA members share that a bus stand is a basic facility and mandatory to safeguard the passengers from wind and rain. Some added effort can also be taken to make the commuters more comfortable.

Abhishek Kumar,

President, NEFOWA says, “ We need a bus stand in Greno West. It is needed not just for office goers, but school-going children. I have seen how problematic it is for a grandfather standing in direct sunlight with a school going kid. Either the Greater Noida Authority should work in the direction to construct a proper bus stand with optimum shade and the sitting arrangement or the society members must themselves join hands to get it constructed."

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Vikash Katiyar,

a resident of Spring Meadows, Greno West says, “Many basic facilities are lacking in the area. Right now, the biggest concern and the need of the hour is a proper bus stand at the GrenoWest so that people can sit in the shade while waiting for the bus."

He further says, "The routes should be properly planned and designed in the area. Bus stands are majorly required at the Gaur Chauk, Gaur City, Techzone 4 and many other locations”

Sumil Jalota,

resident of La Residentia, Greno West says, “It is worth questioning why we do not have a proper bus stand. The weather is so hot for people to stand in the direct sunlight. A proper transport system is long due in Grenowest."

He continues, "We have raised the issue several times with Greater Noida Authority. They seem unbothered and are doing nothing to resolve this issue. The Greater Noida authority does not want to put money into the construction of the bus stand. This is perhaps because they will not be able to generate revenue from this. They simply want someone to sponsor it along with the advertisements."

Ranjana Suri Bhardwaj,

Vice president of Nefowa says, “ Having a bus stand in the Greno west is not only an added facility but a necessity. Officials from the Greater Noida Authority need to think that it's summer just now, thereafter we will have monsoons. Where will the residents stand and keep themselves safe then?"

Shipra Gupta,

a resident of Samridhhi Grand Avenue says, “We need a bus stop not just for those waiting for buses but for anyone on the road who needs to relax. When we wait for the bus to drop our children off, we have to stand at the society slope. This is not safe as people are continuously coming and going inside the society. Five societies are close to each other in this area. We want one good spacious common bus stand for all the five societies, where busses from all schools can pick and drop the children. Apart from this, I strongly recommend building a bus stand in Knowledge Park 5 and sector 10."