Noida: Sector 51 RWA raises the issue of ill-maintained parks
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Noida: Sector 51 RWA raises the issue of ill-maintained parks

Residents share that parks are left barren, with defunct lights and damaged walking tracks

Noida: Sector 51 RWA raises the issue of ill-maintained parks

Noida: Public parks are the space where residents can come close to nature and enjoy in the open. However, the parks in sector 51 Block C and D barely serve the same purpose for the area residents.

The residents and the RWA Sector 51, Noida wrote a letter to the Noida Authority raising the issue of the poor condition of the parks in blocks C and D block of sector 51. Residents alleged that the contractors are not taking their responsibilities seriously. Residents share that parks are left with barren land, defunct lights, damaged walking tracks, and missing dustbins.

Area residents highlight that parks do not have grass, and the trees are in dire need of sprucing. They say that they cannot go to the park after dark after the lights are now covered with outgrown leaves. They highlighted the vegetation of the parks is in bad shape and needs the attention of the Authority.

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Sanjeev Kumar, General Secretary, RWA Sector 51 says, “Residents of sector 51 have been facing these issues for the last 4 months. The Authority has not taken any action, nor have the officials informed the RWA about which contractors are handling the management of parks. The contractor's bill is continuously going up which is wrong. RWA sector 51 is strictly against such fraud and requests Noida Authority to look into the matter."

On December 17, 2021, RWA also wrote a letter to the Horticulture Department, Noida raising the issue of the poor condition of the park. Thereafter, officials of the Horticulture Department did a survey of the park on December 20, 2021. RWA shared that the authority had promised that all the issues would be fixed at the earliest. Yet, no actions were taken after this.

Arvind Sharma, 43, a daily visitor to D Block park says, “The condition of the park has become very poor in the last 4 months. There is no trace of grass in this park. There is a lot of dirt in the park, whose pictures and video we are sharing continuously in the RWA group."

Tulsi Das, a visitor of Block C park says, “The tracks of children's park Sector 51 block C are broken at most places. There is no dustbin in block C park. We had also informed about it in the Horticulture department. However, no action has been taken by any authority till now."

CitySpidey tried to reach out to the authorities but got no response. We will update the story once we get a reply.