Worst Spring/Summer 2022 fashion trends
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Worst Spring/Summer 2022 fashion trends

These holes are strategically placed precisely where most women do not want them.

Worst Spring/Summer 2022 fashion trends

We already discussed the finest spring fashion trends for 2022, but now that the season has arrived, it's time to look at the worst trends for 2022 summer. Yes, you'll note that some trends appear on our good and terrible lists, but there's often a right and incorrect way to wear them. You can examine which trends have gone astray in this section.

Here are the worst 2022 Summer fashion trends


Credits: Vogue

Did you also dream about walking in your briefs? Well, I guess your nightwear has become one of the trends in spring fashion runaway 2022. Why would anybody wear a brief as a fashion statement? But in reality, this is one of the absurd fashion trends of Summer/Spring.

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Credits: Fountain 30

Cutouts persisted in the runways for Summer 2022, but we really wish the designers would cut this out for real! These holes are strategically placed precisely where most women do not want them. These cuts are so prominent that one might take it for a neck design.

Mega Fringe

Credits: US Weekly

We like the fringe trend but in measure. A little indeed goes a long way. For spring 2022, however, some of the designers got a little fringe crazy. This trend is known as "hyper fringe," and it's better to stay away from this exaggerated dust-mop look.


Credits: Pinterest

Crochet can be done in three ways: correctly, incorrectly and a disaster. In these situations, we have to say, "No way!" Sheer crochet dresses, let alone a crochet bodysuit, will not be worn. How flattering would that be on most people? We get that a crochet maxi may be worn over swimwear or in Coachella 2022. Now it's time to say bye-bye to this overhyped trend.

Micro Minis

Credits: WowWhatWear

Skirts and dresses are becoming increasingly short, to the point that it goes overboard. This is fantastic for the runways, but we're starting to see people wearing micro-minis on the street. The trend certainly restricts movement and could be called uncomfortable. This is a trend to avoid ladies.


Credits: Fountain 30

There appears to be a toy box invasion for Summer 2022, with everything from a bit of print dress with bows placed over a sports tee to a stuffed toy giraffe studded gown to an oversized floral pattern dress. This trend is moreover a fancy dress competition of 2022.