7 tips to protect your kids from heatwaves as schools reopen
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7 tips to protect your kids from heatwaves as schools reopen

Fresh, healthy and green fruits and vegetables should be included in their diet

7 tips to protect your kids from heatwaves as schools reopen

Schools have reopened and kids are finally attending physical classes after two years of online learning because of the Covid pandemic. While going back to school and seeing friends is joyful for youngsters, the heatwave has become a new concern. The increasing temperatures are making it impossible to stay outside even for a few minutes.

A heatwave can adversely the health of children resulting in dehydration, diarrhoea, and fever. It’s very important to take care of the health of school-going kids in this weather.

Here are some tips to protect your kids from heatwaves:

Proper hydration

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The hot weather can dehydrate your kid, causing headaches, nausea and other several problems. Increasing the consumption of liquid in the summertime can protect your children from dehydration and also keep them active. Although if your child does not seem to be thirsty, keep in mind that they must drink at least 3-4 litres of water per day. You can also give them coconut water, lime juice, bel sharbat, or other milkshakes or fresh fruit juices so that they consume more liquids.

Limit outdoor activities

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Kids love playing outside with their friends and riding bicycles. Since the afternoons are extremely hot, it is important to regulate the outdoor playtime of children. During the summertime, the sunlight is at its hottest between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. Allow your children to go outside only in the evening if they insist but not for too long.

Use sunscreen

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Sunscreen is not only for adults, but it is also necessary for children. The skin of kids is much more sensitive as compared to elders, this increases the chances of heat blisters, redness, and itching. As a result, apply sunscreen to all exposed areas of your child's body every time they go outside in the afternoon. Use kids friendly sunscreen and hats and umbrellas can also use for protection from the sun's harmful rays.

Comfortable clothes

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It’s very important to wear comfortable clothes during this hot weather. For this summer, make sure your kids wear light colour cotton clothes. Cotton may soak sweat more effectively than any other material. Light-colour cotton clothes absorb less heat, allowing them to keep cooler. Cotton clothing will help protect your skin from rashes and irritation caused by the blazing heat.

Healthy diet

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Make sure that your child eats fresh and nutritious meals regularly, considering the weather in mind. Anything oily, sour and very spicy might trigger vomiting and diarrhoea. Fresh, healthy and green fruits and vegetables should be included in their diet. Seasonal fruits and veggies such as watermelon, mango, litchi, cucumber, and lemon can help kids stay hydrated while also boosting their immune systems.

Cool environment

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Spend more time in a cool environment during intense heat waves.  However, an extremely cool environment can also make them ill so, keep your air conditioner temperature normal. Proper ventilation and occasional walks when the temperature is cool can also be healthy for your children.


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If your kids are active the whole day, ensure that they get proper rest at night. Physical activities need more energy and after that, it’s important to take rest and relax the body. Make sure after coming back to school your kids sleep for some time and take a sufficient amount of rest to re-charge their bodies.