Dwarka: Heatwave and rising Covid cases, two big concerns for parents
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Dwarka: Heatwave and rising Covid cases, two big concerns for parents

Most are confused about whether to send their kids to school or not.

Dwarka: Heatwave and rising Covid cases, two big concerns for parents

Dwarka: Schools in Delhi NCR have reopened and kids are finally going to school after a long hiatus of two years. Going back to school and seeing friends is joyful for youngsters. However, heatwaves and increasing cases of Covid are posing new concerns. Parents are worried about the health of their kids but on the same side, they are also concerned about their children's studies. Many agree that studies have been affected for the past two years. However, the rising temperature and Covid infections have put them in a fix. Most are confused about whether to send their kids to school or not.

Esha Sharma mother of Rashi studying in Delhi English Academy School, Dwarka says, “My son is in class 2 and has only started going to school again last month. The rising cases of Covid are a big concern for parents.  The hot weather is also causing lots of problems for us. I am really confused about what to do because I can’t risk my kid's health but I want him to make most of his school life too."

Shashi Bishnoi and Mukesh Bishnoi parents of Kirti study in Kendriya Vidyalaya Sector 5 Dwarka says, “My daughter goes to school in the second shift and we are tensed about her health. The time she has to go to school at when the heat is at its peak and the sunrays are harsh. It’s difficult to stay outside for a few minutes because of heat waves. Children are going to school in this harsh weather. By the time she reaches the metro station, half of her energy is already drained, I wonder how she will concentrate on her studies."

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Mukesh Bishnoi says “I am worried about both her health and studies. As she is in class 9, staying at home can affect her studies. However, children need to be healthy to study well. The rise in Covid cases makes me more anxious because we can never be sure if protocols are being followed at school. I believe it would be better if we continue with online classes at least for the summer months."

Sunita Devi, grandmother of Kiaan, a student of Hamilton International School, from Dwarka sector 8 says, “My grandson just got admission in Nursery class and he is 3 years old. Wearing a mask for too long is difficult for small kids. More than 1000 cases are being reported every day plus, we are in grips of heatwaves. I think the schools must remain closed so that young children can also stay safe in their homes."

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it was to take care of our health and always seek the doctor's advice. CitySpidey reached out to some doctors in Dwarka to know their thoughts on the situation.

Dr Manish Sharma, paediatrician, Dwarka sector-7 says, “Kids are becoming ill because of heatwaves. They are developing symptoms such as fever, watery eyes, weakness, diarrhoea, cold and cough. Kids need to intake more liquids and stay in a cool environment. This fever is being induced by the weather so it’s very important to keep your kids' bodies relaxed and cool."

Dr Karambir Rana says, “The changing weather has increased issues of weakness and dehydration. I almost treat 20-25 people every day who come with symptoms of fever and weakness. I believe that staying at home for two years straight has affected the immunity of people and reduced their ability to bear harsh climatic conditions."

He further adds, “Fever, nausea, headache, and weakness are common problems among people which are direct results of heatwaves. But as Covid cases are rising people are also scared that it might be Covid too. There is no need to panic and you must take get tested. Regardless, I will suggest everyone stay hydrated, and maintain social distancing."