Noida: RWA of Sector 51 raises the issue of poor water supply
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Noida: RWA of Sector 51 raises the issue of poor water supply

Residents have also complained about the quality of water with its TDS reaching upto 2000

Noida: RWA of Sector 51 raises the issue of poor water supply

Noida: Residents of Sector 51, Noida are troubled because of low water pressure and poor quality of supplied water. They alleged  that the TDS level of water in Sector 51 is about 2000 TDS, which is unsafe for drinking. Due to this, the residents are worried about their health. To highlight the issue, the RWA of Sector 51 wrote a letter to the CEO, of Noida  Authority on April 24, 2022.

Residents shared that due to low water pressure, the water does not reach the tanks installed on the roof. Due to this, residents are facing the problem of water shortage. RWA of Sector 51 had informed the water department of Noida Authority about the problem.

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Sanjeev Kumar, General Secretary of RWA, Sector 51 says, “With the TDS level being close to two thousand, even the RO systems installed in the households are getting damaged as most of the systems are designed to clean the water up to 1000 TDS only. RWA Sector 51 requests Noida Authority to kindly take care of water quality, water pressure, time duration, and TDS level of water.”

Rajesh Kher, a resident of Sector 51 says, “Noida Authority responds slowly to every complain. High TDS water will affect our health, home appliances such as washing machine and RO among others. What is the authority going to do about that?”

Another resident, Atul Mittal says, “Due to low water pressure, we are suffering from the water storage. The timing is very odd, they supply water as per their choice. Due to high TDS, children are suffering from stomach ache.”