Noida sector 51- Residents raise long-standing issues with the Authority
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Noida sector 51- Residents raise long-standing issues with the Authority

Residents have requested the extension of one more floor in their community centre

Noida sector 51- Residents raise long-standing issues with the Authority

Noida: Rajiv Tyagi, Principal General Manager, Noida Authority, and other officials held a meeting with the residents and members of RWA Sector 51, on April 25, 2022, to discuss the grievances of the residents. The officials came for the inspection and meeting on the instruction of the CEO, of Noida Authority.

RWA and residents of sector 51, Noida had long been raising the prevalent civic and security issues in blocks C, D, E, and F. During the meeting, they raised issues such as open drains, choked sewer lines, broken signboards along with security threats such as encroachment, low boundary walls, among others. The RWA has also requested the extension of one more floor in their community centre.

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Residents allege that officials of the Noida Authority have visited the C, D, E, and F blocks of sector 51 in the past and given recommendations. However, the fundamental problems of these blocks have not been resolved as yet.

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Residents raised the issue of choked sewer lines and open drains in blocks C, D, E, and F. They said that sewer flows on the street which is a potential health risk for the residents. Sanjeev Kumar, General Secretary of RWA says, “All the drains of the sector should have concrete covers. Nearly 60 percent of the drains are open resulting in the breeding of mosquitoes."

He continues, "Moreover, We request Noida Authority to repair the signboards. The material used for the signboards in our sectors notwithstanding the wind pressure as well as atmospheric changes. Many of the boards have only been broken down and need repairing or replacement. There is a need to extend one more floor with a lift at the Community Center.”

Another resident Rajeev Kumar says, “Interlocking tiles should be fixed on all the footpaths of the sector, Children park, and around the green belt area. The residents of Sector 51 have been suffering from noise pollution due to the metro."

He adds, “There is no demarcation between the village and the sectors. Village animals like cows, donkeys, pigs and cattle are roaming in front of our houses without any restriction. This does not make our areas qualify requirements of the category-A sector. To overcome the problem there is a need to construct a boundary wall between village and sector.”

Further, residents requested the clearing of shrubs in the vacant plots which according to them, increases the risk of snakes. On this subject, Anil Prakash Ranotra, President of the sector says, “It is extremely important to clean the growing shrubs in the vacant plots. Snake and other poisonous creatures have started living there, which have become a threat to the residents living nearby.”

He continues, “Immediate action should be taken against those house owners who are not maintaining their property, and these kinds of properties should be cleaned immediately and a bill should be sent to them for the same.”

Apart from this, residents highlighted many security issues in the area. They share the issue of illegal commercial activities happening is long and pressing. Sanjeev Kumar says, “Residents are facing a lot of problems due to various illegal commercial activities being carried out in Sector 51. Despite being a residential area, various types of shops are open in C Block of Sector 51, such as scrap shops. Noida Authority should take strict action against this."

Atul Mittal, a resident says, “Noida Authority should remove the encroachments from plots no F-9 to F-17 which are being used by the villagers as workshops and junkyards for dumping many vehicles, and generators. These plots are also being used as unauthorized parking spots by trucks."

Sanjay Sapoori, a resident says, “The blocks C, D, E & F of sector-51 are encircled by village Hoshiyarpur and about one-third of the sector area has been encroached by the villagers. The Noida Sector-51 has been categorized in category-A due to high rates which are about Rs. 1,39,000 per meter. Yet, the state of infrastructure is very poor."

Moreover, Residents of block D shared that the low height of the boundary walls increases the risk of threats in their societies. As per residents, anyone can enter the sector without any hindrance due to these low boundaries. In this regard, residents requested the Horticulture department, Noida Authority to construct a boundary wall or install barbed wire fencing on it.