Residents of Spring Meadows facing lack of water issues
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Residents of Spring Meadows facing lack of water issues

Residents shared that about 1000 families are suffering from this issue

Residents of Spring Meadows facing lack of water issues

Noida: During this hot summer, the residents of Spring Meadows, a  group housing society in Greater Noida West, had been deprived of water for eight hours in the society. On April 28, 2022, the residents gathered in the society’s common area and raised the issue of long water supply cuts. According to the residents they have regularly raised the issue of low water pressure in the Greater Noida Authority. However, no action has been taken so far.

Residents shared that about 1000 families are suffering from this issue.  Due to disruption in the supply of water, residents were forced to fullfill their water needs from other sources. Residents of the society also raised their issue through  Twitter, “इतने गरम तापमान में बिना पानी के कैसे गुजारेंगे समय, 8 घंटे  तक बिना पानी के रहे परिवार @OfficialGNIDA को इसपर कार्यवाही करनी चाहिए  जो समस्याएं है उन्हे पहले देखना चाहिए जिससे आगे आने वाले दिनों में  भविष्य में ऐसी.”

As per the residents, the maintenance team has informed the Greater Noida Authority of low water pressure. Following this, the water supply stopped completely. The supply of water was cut from noon 2 pm to 10 pm on April 28, 2022. However, in a few towers, the water was supplied by night at about 1 am. However, Greater Noida Authority resolved this issue temporarily. The issue will be resolved within two days.

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Vikas Katiyar, a resident says, “About 1000 residents had suffered from this issue. All the residents bought water from the market to meet their needs. In my tower, water was supplied at 1 am.  Greater Noida Authority knew about this issue a month ago. However, no action was taken. Still, after the protest by the resident Greater Noida Authority resolved this issue temporarily.”

Sagar Gupta, another resident says, "This issue was from the authority's side. They do not have upgraded infrastructure to fulfill the needs of Greater Noida West. For ages, we have been hearing that authorities will supply Ganga water to society, which may give a big relief to the residents. However, there is nothing being done on the ground."

Another resident, Rakhi Sinha, says, "Water crisis is not only the problem of one residential society. I think all the societies of Greater Noida West have been suffering from the same issue. GreNo west has not only one problem, there is electricity issue, water issues, stray dog issue and more. Greater Noida Authority should think about the residents and resolve all the issues as soon as possible."

A resident on the condition of anonymity says, "This is the biggest failure from the Greater Noida Authority. The water pump of Techzone 4  along with the Ryan International School has some fault due to which all the societies have been facing the same issue. As per Authority,  they will resolve it within 2 days. We all hope for the best and if it  will not be resolved, we will find another way."

Another resident, Rajesh Dev says, "Yesterday I came from the office and saw there is not a single drop of water at my home. We bought had to buy water from the market. In this hot summer, Greater Noida Authority should pre-plan and resolve all the issues on time."