Noida- NOFAA requests vacant land to set up waste management plant
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Noida- NOFAA requests vacant land to set up waste management plant

A decentralized plant will help to reduce waste through scientific waste processing and disposal met

Noida- NOFAA requests vacant land to set up waste management plant

Noida: The residents of Noida have stepped up to manage the waste generated in the area better and in a more eco-friendly way. Noida Federation of Apartment Owners of Association(NOFAA) wrote a letter to the CEO of Noida Authority on April 25, 2022, requesting vacant land to set up a cluster-based decentralized waste management plant in Sectors 50, 61, 75 and 76 Noida. As per the residents, a decentralized plant will help reduce waste through scientific waste processing and disposal methods.

Residents say that the majority of high-rise societies are over a decade old and there have been no provisions by the builder for the compliance of Solid Waste Management Rules issued in 2016 in these societies. No space or funds have been allocated in these condominiums.

As per NOFAA members, it is not legally possible for the Noida Authority to provide subsidies for the cluster-based decentralized waste management plant. As a result, NOFAA members, as a part of the Swachhta initiative and to achieve compliance with solid waste management rules 2016, have convinced many of the Apartment Owners’ Associations (AOAs) to form clusters and opt for common waste processing facilities which should be self-financed.

Rajiva Singh, President of NOFAA says, “Our objective is to achieve minimum or nil waste to landfill. We have created a cluster with AOAs of Sector 50 and clusters for other sectors like Sector 76, 61, 62,  93, 137 and others are already being planned.”

He adds, “There are 24 high-rise complexes in sector 50 and almost 4500 families live in these apartments. This facility is planned to accommodate all bulk waste generators so that approx 6500+ kgs of segregated waste can be scientifically processed and disposed of. As the Apex body of responsible Apartment Owners’ Associations (AOAs), NOFAA has been continuously organising many programs for the benefits of residents and Noida Authority.”

Rajesh Sahay, General Secretary, NOFAA says, “Sectors have a large number of societies which are now over a decade old. During that time of allocation, there was no waste management provision. There is a need to install cluster-based plants in different sectors of Noida to segregate the waste. It will help Noida Authority to process 90 percent waste of the city.”

Manju Gupta, a resident of Windsor Greens says, “The high rises in F block, sector 50 were constructed when there was no plan of waste management. Hence, there is noprovision in the complexes for waste composting and processing. The common area nearby is most essential to process this waste, as high rises have high volumes generated from a large number of families in one complex. This waste is not carried too far and it saves the city from further pollution.”

Manpreet Kaur, Steller Apartment, “It is a must to install a decentralized waste management plant. This is the best solution to installing a cluster-based plant and segregating the waste. If we collect 1000 kg of waste, with the help of a waste management plant, we can segregate the waste and green waste will be decomposed, plastic waste will be recycled and hardly 200 kg of remaining waste will go to the landfill. Thus, conserving the environment."