Grenowest- Authority and Nefowa organize musical program 'Pratidhwani'
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Grenowest- Authority and Nefowa organize musical program 'Pratidhwani'

A live band of students from Bennett University gave electrifying performances

Grenowest- Authority and Nefowa organize musical program 'Pratidhwani'

Greater Noida West is usually a quiet place where people spend time in their respective high rise buildings. But this Friday April 29 saw a environment of stage and lights, Bolywood music, and a crowd cheering for young musicians. The elements surely contributed to a memorable event for the city.

Pratidhwani-Youth Cultural Fest, a musical program was organized at Radha-Krishna Park in Gaur City1, sector 4 on Friday, April 29, 2022. This event is an initiative by the Greater Noida Authority to promote the talent of the youth and the culture of India. The program was organized by the Authority with the help of team NEFOWA and in association with students of Benett University.

Metal music based on Bollywood songs and music was played at the event. A live band of students from Bennett University gave electrifying performances leaving the audience spellbound. Everyone present appreciated the talent of the students.

Amandeep Duli, ACEO of Greater Noida Authority inaugurated the program at Radha-Krishna Park. He says, "We have initiated this cultural youth festival in Grenowest under the instructions of the CEO of the Authority, Narendra Bhushan to provide a platform to the students of Greater Noida to showcase their talent."

He continues, "This will give a golden opportunity to the talented students of universities and colleges here and will help in eliminating the negativity of the society and connect everyone culturally and socially. I appeal to all the residents of Greater Noida to join these campaigns. Pratidhwani is the best platform to hone the talent of the students"

During the fest, a band of students of Bennett University gave many beautiful performances related to patriotism and Bollywood songs. University students Rudraksha Pathania, Praful Tripathi, Saumil Puri, Dakshita Marwah, Abhinendra Singh, Yash Saxena, Akshita Trivedi, Sasmit Lal, Divya Khandelwal, Ark Prabh Pandey, Anmol Singh, Partha Anand displayed their musical talent.

The band of Devansh Sharma and Jayati Jha captivated the people by performing songs like Nadan Parinde, Dhun Ki Lage. Channa Mere Ya, Bule Ya, Kabira, Jai Ho among others.

DGM of Greater Noida Authority CK Tripathi, OSD Archana Dwivedi, President of NEFOWA Abhishek Kumar, Representatives of Gaur City Sixth Avenue Anita Prajapati and Gyanendra Gurjar, President
of NEFOMA Annu Khan, Active Citizen team member Harendra Bhati and other residents of Greater Noida West were present in large numbers.

Annu Khan, President, of NEFOMA says, "The program was well-received by the residents. Such programs should continue in future also."

Many people joined hands together to make this event successful. Two ladies of the NEFOWA women group Ranjana Suri Bharadwaj and Vinita worked a great deal in organizing the event.

Abhishek Kumar, President of Nefowa says, " It was a successful event. Bennett university's students performed amazingly. This event was organized by Greater Noida Authority and our members of the NEFOWA women wing Ranjana Suri Bharadwaj and Vinita played their important parts in making this event a successful one. I was delighted to hear 'thanks Nefowa' from the stage."

He continues, "However, it should be done on Saturday Sunday evenings rather than weekdays. The venue should be different so that people from all across the Grenowest can enjoy and participate."

Ranjana Suri Bhardwaj, Vice President, NEFOWA women's wing says, "We helped the Greater Noida authority in the venue selection. After the venue finalisation, we started promoting this event in our groups and societies. We coordinated with the Greater Noida Authority and left no stone unturned in making this event successful. Such programs will boost the morale of our youth who are the future of our country. Moreover, very less cultural events happen in Greater Noida West. This will enhance our culture too."

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Supriya Sinha, Member, NEFOWA women wing says, " I give special thanks to Abhishek Kumar for this awesome musical program, young students performed so well and we enjoyed it a lot."

Manish Kumar, Senior Vice President, NEFOWA says, "It was a very good musical event. It should have been a little bit longer (maybe 1-1:30 hrs) with different groups of students performing one by one. Event duration must justify the investment in making the event successful. Another thing it would have been great if the event was on Saturday or Sunday evening."