GreNo West: The night is dark and full of terrors
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GreNo West: The night is dark and full of terrors

Ahead of ek murti circle, nearly all the service lanes turn dark and unsafe after the sunset

GreNo West: The night is dark and full of terrors

Greater Noida West: As the sun sets, the lanes of GreNo West get dark. It would remind one of a classic oneliner from the famous TV series Game of Thrones 'The night is dark and full of terrors'. The reason is that the streetlights in several areas of GreNo west are either dysfunctional or not working at all. This poses a threat to the safety of the residents and makes them think twice before venturing out anytime after dark. Residents have raised the complaint several times but nothing has been done so far.

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As per the residents, they are told that the tender for repairing streetlights gets released each time but it gets canceled as well. Every time residents try to reach out to the authorities concerned they are told that a technical evaluation is being done.

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Residents say that there is a dire need for proper street lights in a few areas of GreNo West, majorly near Supertech ecovillage 3 and service lane from 16b Roza ek murti. Ahead of ek murti circle, nearly all the service lanes turn dark and unsafe after the sun sets. The lane from SKS world school to Victory One Amara society also lacks proper lighting, and so do the lanes near BLS world school.

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The Knowledge Park 5 zone is also grappling with the insufficiency of proper lighting. There are no lights on the 130-meter road, inviting anti-social elements and crime in the area. The story goes the same for the service lanes of Supertech Ecovillage 1 and Panchsheel Hynish as well.

Manish Kumar, a resident of Supertech Ecovillage 1 says, “We have raised this issue several times, and each time we're ensured that something will be done. However, issues are still the same and nothing has been resolved till now."

Vikash Katiyar, a resident of Spring Meadows says, “We have been demanding street lights for a long time, but the authority is not paying heed to our request. It is so scary to go out due to improper lighting. Once, my car was collided by a truck parked opposite to Aartha sez.”

Sumil Jalota, a resident of La Residentia says, “This is the major issue. This work needs to be done on priority. The streets of Greater Noida West feel scary late at night. In 2020, a resident of Gaur City Gaurav was murdered owing to the lack of proper lighting. The attackers took benefit of the darkness. Had there been a functional streetlight in that lane, the incident could have been avoided.”

Mohammad Shoeb, a resident of Panchsheel greens 1 says, "For two and a half years, we are hearing that the tender has been passed but what after that? This lane opposite to Indian oil petrol pump, Sector 16 B near Gaur City plaza needs to be lit as soon as possible."

CitySpidey also talked to Amandeep Duli, ACEO, Greater Noida West to know what the authority is doing to resolve the issue. He says, “The new CEO is working on the pending issues. We are working on it and action will be taken soon.”

He continues, “Public problems are of prime importance and are needed to be solved first. By the end of this next week, the maintenance work will begin.”