Reap the benefits of good old ubtan
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Reap the benefits of good old ubtan

The organic skin toners haldi and chandan found in ubtan also help avoid acne

Reap the benefits of good old ubtan

Ubtan and haldi has long been a part of skin treatment in India. In fact, there is an entire ceremony where the bride and groom to be are applied ubtan to bring a natural on their face on the big day. Elements such as turmeric, sandalwood, aromatic plants, rose petals and most importantly besan, and nuts are mixed at home to create a smooth paste for a moon-like glow.

As the world is coming back to organic, it is time to look back at the benefits of good old ubtan.

Here is why you must consider this natural mix for regular clean ups

No chemical reactions

When you are using chemical-based skincare products, you're worried about adverse reactions and the items negatively impacting your skin in the long run. The natural things in ubtan, on the other hand, never cause any negative impacts.

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Exfoliating benefits

The natural ubtan removes all the dead skin cells of your skin without adding any new ingredient. You can use this ubtan on your face, handa and even you can replace your soap with this ubtan. It removes dead skin cells and promotes the growth of healthier cells, resulting in revitalised tissue.

Fresh and soft skin

The tough sunny days dehydrate our face, and our skin is the first to struggle. Although there is no replacement for water, including rose petals, kesar, and orange peel in your ubtan will help to hydrate your skin and make your skin smooth and healthy.

Prevents Acne

The organic skin toners haldi and chandan found in ubtan help avoid acne. Both have a potent antimicrobial activity that aids in the treatment of acne and helps avoid many other skin diseases.

Gives a youthful look

Sandalwood or Chandan powder is an organic antiseptic and antifungal for our skin. It closes all the open pores and provides your face with a healthy and youthful glow when it is used regularly. It also aids in the removal of tans.

Prevents uneven skin

Hyperpigmentation, as well as uneven skin texture, are frequent problems. Natural Ubtan innately helps minimize dark spots. All you have to do is massage your skin with ubtan softly. While it gets dry, then peel it off to unveil clean and smooth skin.

Suits all skin types

No matter what the skin type, ubtan is suitable for all. The natural ingredients of this ubtan make this an all-time natural face pack for everyone. This ubtan will not create any harm to your skin because of its detoxifying elements.