In Grenowest, Sundays are for protests; Part 1
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In Grenowest, Sundays are for protests; Part 1

The dispute between builders and residents seems to be unending here.

In Grenowest, Sundays are for protests; Part 1

Grenowest- Sundays usually mean family time for the rest of the world. However, here in Greater Noida West, it means Protest Day. The dispute between the builder and the residents in Greater Noida West seems to be unending. Residents from several societies gather every Sunday to protest against existing issues ranging from lack of amenities to pending registry.

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CitySpidey has started a series highlighting the issues of GreNo West societies that are forcing them to protest. We contacted the residents of different societies to understand their problems. We also contacted the maintenance managers of these societies to get the ground reality.

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Raksha Addela, Gaur city 2

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Residents of Raksha Addela Gaur City 2 protest every Sunday against the builder. They are fighting against the high maintenance charges imposed by the builder. Residents allege that while the charges are being increased, the society’s Sewage Treatment Plant is not functioning well, and cleaning and sanitisation work is being done in the society regularly. They further complain that they are now being asked to pay maintenance charges for the club which was said to be free at the time of handover. Residents say maintenance charges were increased arbitrarily without any intimation to the residents.

Rahul Yadav, a resident of the society says, “The builder is continuously adding the charges for the services which were supposed to be free. The club should be only for the society residents, but they are renting it out to the outsiders. This is a threat to the security of the residents. Residents agreed by signing the memorandum for gym charges. But later they were asked again for a swimming pool fee. After much debate, the builder accepted and made it free for now. There is more than 80% occupancy still there is no AOA in the society."

He continues, “No audit has been done in the society for a long time. There has been no improvement in the society for which we have raised our voice. The STP is not being maintained. The green belt has been captured illegally and the parking area has been created there. There is encroachment in the commercial market of the Raksha Addela society too. It seems that the builder only listens to us when we protest. This leaves us with no option but to sacrifice our weekend and raise our issues."

We reached out to the maintenance manager of the society Mohit. He says, “There are no private parties which prove that we are renting out our club for commercial purposes to the outsiders. Regarding the STP, TDS and all are being maintained. We have proof. 25 % of flats are not sold yet, who says 80 % occupancy is there? How is the maintenance team supposed to provide facilities when there is a pending due of 70 lakh rupees maintenance."

Samridhhi Grand Avenue, Techzone 4


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Residents of Samridhi Grand Avenue have had grievances against the builder and maintenance team for a long time. Residents say maintenance charges are being increased without giving better facilities. The society basement is infested with seepage and mosquitoes are breeding in common areas.

Last Sunday, May 8, 2022, residents of Samridhi Grand Avenue gathered to protest against the hike in Diesel Generator charges. The protest turned violent after two goons appeared on the scene and started striking the residents with iron bars and rods. The entire incident was recorded on CCTV. Even the ACP confirmed that the protest turned violent and miscreants have been arrested."

The residents allege that the builder had hired miscreants to suppress the protest. After this incident, fear and unrest loom large among the residents.

Rahul Sharma, a Resident says, “Post the Sunday incident, residents have become scared as it posed a threat to our lives. We have lost all faith. Despite issues, our society was a happy place to live before a few days, there were problems, but at least we were safe. Had the maintenance team been working properly, we would not have protested. They have been charging maintenance from the electricity meter, even when the society is not maintained. During the times of covid, there was no security staff in society, still, we paid the full amount. And now they have increased the charges again without any intimation? The residents are also not allowed to have respective broadband services. There is a monopoly to use their decided broadband services.”

He continues, “Water keeps dripping from walls in the basement which results in dirty water being collected. This in turn results in the breeding of mosquitoes. Young children can fall sick from these unhygienic conditions. Even when they perform fogging, they limit it to 1-2 floors, what is the point of that? This is a high rise building.”

On this note, we contacted Anmol Jain, Maintenance Manager, Samridhhi Grand Avenue. He says, “The fogging work is being done regularly in the rainy season and thrice a week in summers. Each floor is mopped with disinfectant. About the drainage problem, there is not a single drop of water on the floor and in the basement too. There are thousands of pipes, there is a chance one might break one day. That too we try to rectify at the earliest. Internet services provided by us work perfectly so what is the need to drill walls to have personal internet connections?"

He continues, “The fight which took place last Sunday was not between the builder and residents. The person who came with an iron rod was not from the builder’s side, it was one of the residents of the society. Everyone will know the truth soon. Builder’s image is getting ruined due to this hype."

This is the first part of the series under issues faced by GreNo West societies. We will be talking about other societies in subsequent parts.