In Grenowest Sundays are for protests; Part 2
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In Grenowest Sundays are for protests; Part 2

Residents of Ajnara Le Garden and the French Apartment of Greater Noida West take out the protest

In Grenowest Sundays are for protests; Part 2

GreNo West: Sundays usually mean family time for the rest of the world. However, here in Greater Noida West, it means a Protest Day. The dispute between the builder and the residents in Greater Noida West seems to be unending. Residents from several societies gather every Sunday to protest against existing issues ranging from lack of amenities to pending registry.

CitySpidey has started a series highlighting the issues of GreNo West societies that are forcing them to protest. We contacted the residents of different societies to understand their problems. We also contacted the maintenance managers of these societies to get the ground reality.

French apartments

Residents of French apartments are taking out weekly protests from their society to ek murti circle and back to their housing society. They keep standing at the gates of their societies for many hours with flexes in their hands. On 12th April 2022 at 1.30 am, a major fire incident took place in the French apartments. Residents claim that due to the fault of the builder this society already faced the terror of fire. They say that due to poor fire safety equipment this incident took place.

Do residents wonder why the safety equipment is not being changed yet even after that terrible incident? Residents are also asking for a structural audit. They say that we have complained to the Greater Noida Authority about the structural audit,but nobody turned till yet. Residents have claimed that the stray dogs are coming inside and eating and torning their shoes and sleepers. They also informed CitySpidey that  It is the order of the government to convert DG on the PNG, but the builder of the French apartment is not following this. The power backup is not good, the electricity keeps tripping. They are not using the PNG, they are using the Diesel in the DG setup.

Residents have also claimed that their security under threat. "The guards on the gates keep sleeping. They can be seen playing games on their mobile or sleeping tension free. They do not have any concern about their responsibilities that they should be vigil. Anyone can come inside the society premises anytime. Residents wish to meet the builder but he is not giving them time," says a resident under condition of annonimity.

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According to the residents, There are many issues in the French apartment society. Like the hiked maintenance fees. Residents shared their concern  that in the coming days they will need to sell out their flats and will be forced to move out, as already they are paying expensive maintenance fees of Rupees 4500 for zero quality facilities.

Dhananjay Kumar, the first person who booked a flat in this society says, “I am tired of these processions. On 12th April 2022, the fire took place in the society and to date, there is no fire audit or change in the fire safety equipment. Still, the same expired old cylinders are being used here."

He continues, “The problem of seepage is extreme in every tower. I have done all the efforts to solve this seepage problem for the past 2 years, but it is not getting any result. Uncountable protests have been done, what more should we do.”

Shashi Bhooshan, a Resident of a French Apartment says, “Every day garbage is collected in the basement which gives a bad smell. There is construction work going on so does that means that we have to bear the debris dust or the garbage?”

Amit Sinha, a Resident says, “When it rains, the basement parking becomes a totally water logged which results in the breeding of mosquitoes. We residents work to remove the water, but it proves futile. It is the worst construction. Even after many request, they are not doing the fogging. How to survive in this pathetic condition.”

We tried to contact the maintenance manager, and we were unable to get his quote. We will update this quote soon.

Ajnara le garden, Ek murti, Grenowest

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The residents of Ajnara le Garden are protesting for the last 40 days. It's been a long fight and they say that they will keep fighting till their demands are met. Residents are demanding to complete the incomplete housing society for the last 5 years. The residnets allege that the builder has taken the money for the facilities such as clubhouse, swimming pool, electric LT panels, park and gym among others in advance but till now the nothing has been received except assurance. They burnt an effigy of Ajnara’s builder and even took out a candellight procession. As per the residents, it has been 5 years since the handover of the apatments by the builder to the residents. At the time of the agreement, the builder had taken 20 thousand rupees from every buyer in the name of the club and after stealing crores of rupees, now the builder is not keeping his promises. Recently a big scandal also took place in Ajnara Le Garden society. A man entered the society and tried to shoot the CCTV of the woman while she was in the washroom. The whole incident was caught on the CCTV.

Mukesh Gupta, a resident, says, " Recently the MLA Tejpal Nagar came to meet us, and he assured us that soon he will help us in getting meeting fixed Greater Noida Authority where we will be able to share our grievances. Hundreds of residents of the society have been fighting for various basic facilities for a long time. Despite that, problems like clubs, swimming pools and electricity persist in society." He continues, "Nothing is being done by the builder in the society. Due to this, we are very upset and there is a lot of anger against the
builder. Our demands are not fulfilled. "

CitySpidey contacted Dilip Rajhans, Estate Manager, Ajnara Le Garden he says, “ Estate manager is the third party, we are here to see the maintenance, we have not built this project, call the project manager.” 

On this CitySpidey asked the estate manager about the sorry state of affairs in the soceity including the incident which took place last month regarding an outsider man who tried to video shoot a society lady resident.

On this, he says, “That was a security lapse. We are scanning his face from all our past employees. We accept that he came by breaking our security.”