Noida sector 62 open drains to be covered by July end
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Noida sector 62 open drains to be covered by July end

Toxic gases lead to breathing issues in sector 62 Noida.

Noida sector 62 open drains to be covered by July end

Noida: The Residents of sector 62 Noida, are facing difficulties due to open drains which surround the sector from three sides. The open drains in the area are in very poor condition as they are releasing toxic gases which lead to many health issues.

In the latest meeting between RWA, Noida, sector-62 and civic authority officials, the authority assured the residents to cover all the open drains by the end of July 2022. The work on the project is slated to start soon. The authority also assured to clean the drains properly before covering them.

The open drains are creating many problems for around one lakh residents of 47 apartments and other independent houses who live in that sector.

Rajeev Sharma, RWA President of Sector 62, Rajat Bihar C Block, says, "The drains cover the two sides of the roads and touch the boundary walls of the main gate. Due to toxic gas emanating from the drains, the air conditioners collapsed within a year of purchase because of the noxious gases. The dirty water of the drains releases toxic gases which damaged the pipe of the air conditioner and lead to the leakage of AC gas and it's too costly for us to make that gas refilled again and again. Also, the commuters pee in the open drain which makes the situation worse. So, the urinal needs to be constructed in the area too."

Srishti Singh, a resident of Lavanya apartment sector 62 says" The drains smell like rotten eggs and people feel disgusting as they are uncovered also it's very harmful to our health. Senior citizens and people who are suffering from problems such as asthma, heart diseases, and other respiratory problem are facing breathing issues and several other health-related problems."

The toxic gases can also lead to fatigue, headaches, nausea and vomiting, dizziness, and poor memory.

Rajesh Parihar, a resident of Sector 62 Noida says, "It's very perilous to expose ourselves to the toxic gas rising from the open drains. We often feel frightened while our kids are outside because of these toxic gases our kid's health can be badly affected. And sometimes the animals such as cats and dogs also fall in these open drains and lost their lives."

Sanjay Bhagat, another resident of sector 62 says, "The drains during the monsoon, overflow with water and dirty water came on the road. People also dump their house waste in the drains due to which the water flow breaks and Stagnant water can mix with groundwater and leads to many health problems."