Grenowest – Residents demand mock fire drills and fire safety audits
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Grenowest – Residents demand mock fire drills and fire safety audits

Three major fire incidents have been reported in the last 45 days.

Grenowest – Residents demand mock fire drills and fire safety audits

Greater Noida West: Recently, a fire incident was reported in the tower 'D' of Fusion Homes which resulted in a power cut for many hours in the building. Three major fire incidents have been reported from French Apartments, Panchsheel Greens 2 and Fusion Homes in the last 45 days. Naturally, fire safety in Noida societies has become a part of public discourse.

Chief Fire Officer Arun Singh reached Nirala Aspire on May 15, 2022, for a surprise fire audit. Amir Azmi, Maintenance manager says, “It was a power-packed session where we learned tips to avoid a fire and deal with it. Such sessions are necessary for everyone. That is why here I made sure that the maximum number of residents and security staff attend this mock drill for fire safety.”

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Fire audits are active in some societies. However, some are eagerly waiting for audits and mock drills.

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Rahul Garg, Resident of Hawelia Valencia Homes says, “These fire safety and mock drills are happening in many societies but not here. We have even requested the CFO Arun Singh. I hope a mock drill takes place here too. There is a huge need for a mock drill as no one knows what to do here when a fire takes place."

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Annu Khan, President of NEFOMA and Resident of Vedantam, Gaur City says, “Even after complaining several times, no one has come here for a mock drill. Everyone in GreNo West knows how crowded Gaur City can be. Societies here are not equipped to manage a fire incident effectively. We need fire mock drills to be organized as soon as possible."

Mukesh Gupta, Resident of Ajnara Le Garden says, "There is an urgent need for fire safety and mock drill in our society. There are many towers where fire safety equipment is not installed. These towers are fully occupied, but the builder does not pay attention to fire safety. Residents have been protesting for the past 45 days. We are tired of this lack of facilities in Greater Noida West."

Mrityunjay Jha, resident of Supertech Ecovillage 3 says, “We are demanding fire mock drill in our society. Incidents of fire are taking place in nearby societies. We are frightened as we live in high-rise buildings which are highly populated. In the case of fire, evacuation can be difficult. Only mock drills can prepare us."

He continues, “The society has equipment but no one knows whether it will work. Moreover, there is only one fire station in Ecotech 3 fire. We need more fire stations so that the fire brigade can be reached within a few minutes.”

Kunal Kaushik, a resident of Fusion homes says, “Societies have the worst installation of equipment. Regular mock drills and annual fire audits have become very important for us. People should know where to exit and how to use fire safety equipment in case of an emergency."

Abhishek Chauhan, a resident of La Residentia says, “There are 19 towers in our society. 15 have fire hoses but the rest do not. The sprinklers are also placed in only 30 % of flats, the rest of the flats do not have this facility. There are no fire alarms in society and if they are, there they are not working. No fire audits have taken place here for the last 5 years."

Some residents are satisfied with fire safety in their societies.

Pankaj Dwivedi, Resident of SKA Greenarch says, “In our society, the fire mock drill has been done twice. Once it was before the Covid and the recent mock drill took place 15 days back. We are satisfied with the prompt mock drill session."

Dr Abhiruchi, resident of Mahagun Mywoods says, “Fire safety and mock drills have been already done, and everything is under control. The last time we had a fire incident, we were able to keep everyone safe and the fire safety system is good."

We contacted Arun Singh, Chief Fire Officer to talk about the situation. He says, "Mock drills and fire audit will be done in every society of Grenowest. We have started with these and all societies will be covered."