Morning walks, outdoor yoga not so healthy any more!
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Morning walks, outdoor yoga not so healthy any more!

East Delhi: High pollution levels force residents to stay indoors, even skip morning walks and doing yoga outdoors.

Morning walks, outdoor yoga not so healthy any more! Picture used for representative purpose only.

With the city’s pollution levels worsening by the day and the authorities yet to devise any comprehensive action plan, residents of East Delhi have decided to avoid going for morning and evening walks.

Parks in societies, which used to be full of residents out on morning walks before Diwali, now lie deserted, with only a handful of people coming since October 31. Moreover, elderly residents in Mayur Vihar Phase I and Mayur Vihar Phase I Extension, who could be seen doing yoga earlier have now restricted themselves to their homes.

OP Singhal, an elderly resident of Lovely Apartments in Mayur Vihar Phase I Ext, said that he has stopped attending yoga class in the morning. “This morning, some of the residents who had gone for a morning walk said they felt a burning sensation in their eyes. So they returned home,” Singhal added.

When City Spidey asked him if the managing committee had issued any guidelines, Singhal said, “No advisory has been issued by the managing committee.”

Purusottam Das Bhatt, president of United India Apartments, Mayur Vihar Phase I Extension, said, “I go for morning walks in the DDA park adjacent to my society. Usually, one had to request others to give space while running or walking, but nowadays only five or six people visit the park.”

“My grandson is eight months old. I have asked all family members to not sit out on the balcony with him. I am quite sure all parents are worried about the bad air quality,” he added.

The elderly and younger children are the worst affected. And the situation is not just limited to morning walks, yoga or sitting in the open with kids. In fact, some residents have decided not to send their children to school.

Shrikant Shay, a resident of Una Enclave in Mayur Vihar Phase I, told City Spidey that his 6-year old daughter Shruti, who studies in Ahlcon Public School, has not been attending classes for the last three days. “The school is not very far from the society but we are being careful these days,” Shay remarked.