7 eateries in Satya Niketan which south campus students love
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7 eateries in Satya Niketan which south campus students love

Isn't it great that Kev's Cafe offers 36 different versions of our favourite Maggi?

7 eateries in Satya Niketan which south campus students love

If you are tired of hanging out at the same old places around Hudson Lane and North Campus, we recommend taking a visit to Satya Niketan. It is the first name which immediately pops up in the mind of every South Campus student when they plan of going out. The place is always bustling with South campus students and features several places you can visit to have a good time with your friends.


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If you love tandoori momos, QD's is the best place for you. This eatery has already been stealing the heart of every momo lover in the town with its delicious momos. If you have not gone there yet, we strongly advise you to do so immediately. You will also surely like their crispy chilli potatoes, chicken platter, and fish fingers.

Location: QDs: 294, Near Venkateshwara College
Price for Two: Rs 800

Cafeteria & Co.

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With its vibrant vibes and tasty meals, this cute bistro could be a great choice for a fun evening. Some popular servings of this place are the peri peri chicken tikka, pasta alfredo, and chocolate alfredo. Therefore, after a long tiring lecture, come here, grab a coffee, and relax with your friends.

Location: Cafeteria & CO. - 293
Price for two: Rs 900

Big Yellow Door

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Big Yellow Door or popular known as BYD among students is next on our list. If you haven't visited this location yet, believe us when we say you're missing out on something truly amazing. The charming cafe's tilting yellow door welcomes you and the food they serve is something which will make you coming back for more. Their alfredo spaghetti is a must try.

Location: Big Yellow Door -H-8, Opposite Venkateswara College
Price for two: Rs 800

Kev’s Cafe

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Isn't it great that Kev's Cafe offers 36 different versions of our favourite maggi? From simple masala maggi to Delhi dhaba maggi to Italian maggi, they have a plethora of maggi recipes to choose from. They also serve delicious rolls and wraps, perfect to curb your hunger pangs.

Location: Kev’s Cafe - 298
Price for two: Rs 100

Woodbox Cafe

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Woodbox Cafe is perfect for anyone who appreciates a natural wooden ambience with huge windows. You'll further fall in love with their wonderful meals. Everything here is delicious, whether it's their fried chicken or maggi pizza.

Location: Woodbox Cafe - Shop 288, Opposite Venkateswara College
Price for two: Rs 850

Off Campus

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This location holds a special place in the heart of every south campus student. Off Campus' rooftop seating is beautiful and a great place to hang out on pleasant evenings. Their must-haves are their Italian smooch & mini burger platter. We are sure you won't be disappointed.

Location: Off Campus - 284, Opposite Sri Venkateswara College
Price for two: Rs 800

The Construction Co. Cafe

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The last place on our list is a must visit for anyone with an insatiable sugar appetite. They're renowned for their incredible freak shakes. Some of the most popular ones are Snickers Shake and Ferrero Rocher Shake.

Location: The Construction Co. Cafe - 6, Ground Floor
Price for two: Rs 700