Dog menace, a serious concern for residents of Noida and GreNo West
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Dog menace, a serious concern for residents of Noida and GreNo West

These cases come from Elegant Ville, GreNo West and Prateek Laurel, Sector 120, Noida

Dog menace, a serious concern for residents of Noida and GreNo West

Noida: The dog biting cases in Noida and Greater Noida West are increasingly becoming more common. The residents and kids of several societies of Noida are scared to go out on the streets, especially after several incidents of dog biting have come to light in recent times.

Two recent cases of dog biting have been reported from Elegant Ville society, GreNo West and Prateek Laurel Society in Sector 120, Noida.

On the evening of Wednesday, May 25, 2022, as a six-year-old kid was playing on the society premises of Elegant Ville society, GreNo West, a stray dog attacked the kid, leaving him bleeding. Santosh Jha, a resident of Elegant Ville tells us, “We heard the shrilling cry of the kid and we ran to save the child. The dog was very furious and attacked the kid violently. We are all scared after this incident.”

According to Sawlay Singh, a resident of Techzone 4, Amrapali Dream Valley, Greater Noida, the incidents of dog attacks are very common in this belt. Another resident of Elegant Ville, Rajneesh Tripathi says, “This is not uncommon here, we have tried to raise our voice but no one pays attention to this issue. We purchased flats here for safety, however, now our kids are at major risk of dog attacks.”

Another case comes from Prateek Laurel Society, Sector 120, Noida. According to residents of the society, a stray dog entered the society premises and attacked an elderly. According to Gaurav Sharma, a resident of Prateek Laurel, “On May 23, 2022, around 7 pm, my father A. D. Sharma was out for an evening stroll when a dog came and bite him. We took our father to the hospital, where he was injected thrice, including the serum injection as the wound was deep. Even after these, he is to be given four vaccines more.”

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This society has more than 1500 flats in Prateek Laural Society with over 5000 residents. The residents say that they have forwarded several complaints to DM Gautam Budh Nagar, UP CM Yogiadityanath and other authorities.

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Gaurav Sharma expresses his anger and asks, “May I know how stray dogs find entry into the society and who will take the responsibility for this? Is this not dangerous? What about the small kids who just want to go out and play?”

This fear of stray dogs is lingering in this society for quite some time now. The residents say they aren't against the dogs but are just concerned about their safety.

Prabhat Vats, President of Prateek Laurel AOA, says, “We are not against stray dogs, but we can't let them harm and attack the residents of our society. This is a problem in the entire Noida. For this, we have requested authorities and all residents that as we have identified the community dogs in our society, just create a feeding point in the green belt out of the society premises. It will be our responsibility to feed them, we are not asking to relocate them or take them away, create a shelter home for such stray dogs in the green belt. If feeding zones are created outside the society, will be best for everyone".

Before these two incidents, innumerable such cases have happened in many societies of Greater Noida West. In the Spring Meadows society, GreNo, there is a long history of dog biting cases. In January 2022, the agitated residents of the society staged a protest against increasing dog bite cases in their society. They say that about 20 cases of dog bites have been reported in the housing society in the last year.

Apart from this, several such cases have been reported in Nirala Aspire, Greater Noida West too.

The residents of Nirala Aspire tell us that the fear of stray dogs has taken away basic liberties from the residents such as sitting in the garden, and taking an evening or morning walk.

"Those who take action against stray dogs, get a legal notice from animal welfares and if we remain silent, the dogs bite anyone from kids to elderly to even the delivery agents,” says a resident on the condition of anonymity.

Greater Noida Authority has been working towards this issue with their project 'Bhariav'. Under this project, which started on February 25, 2022, the stray dogs are sterilized to control their population. Under this initiative, the residents of Sector Omicron II, Greater Noida had deposited rupees 250 per dog for sterilization and vaccination of 10 stray dogs in their area.

These dogs, after sterilization and vaccination, are kept under observation for five days after which they are released with a blue and pink colour strap for identification.

Apart from this, money has been deposited by different RWAs for the sterilization of 64 more street dogs. The responsibility of this project has been given to an organization named Human Welfare Foundation.

Salil Yadav, Senior Manager, Public Health Department of Greater Noida Authority says, “Any sector or society whose RWA wants to sterilize their dogs, they can deposit rupees 250 per dog in the account of the organization. 53 canals have been made in this centre, in which dogs will be kept for five days after sterilization.”

He adds, “1000 rupees are being spent on sterilization and vaccination of a dog. The authority is taking only Rs 250 per dog from the residents here. The rest of 750 is being borne by the authority itself. The authority is taking this money so that the residents themselves can join this campaign."

Greater Noida Authority has issued mobile number-7838565456 for people to contact in regards to the sterilization of dogs. Also, information about sterilization can be given by calling the Greater Noida ABC helpline number 8005867769.