Add instant pop to your wardrobe with colour-block!
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Add instant pop to your wardrobe with colour-block!

Wear 'light with light' and 'dark with dark'!

Add instant pop to your wardrobe with colour-block!

If you are bored of wearing monochrome, colour-block is the pattern for you.

Colour-block gives you the freedom to play with random colours and get funky from head to toe. For example, wear orange with light green, yellow with brown, purple with green, dark blue with red, etc.

Wearing 'light with light' and 'dark with dark' is what the colour-block pattern promotes.

According to Fibre2Fashion, the history of colour blocking goes back to the 1960s. It was known as 'Mod Fashion' then. Yves Saint Laurent, a French fashion designer, designed 'Mondrian Dress' in the 60s which had flat planes on the texture of the dress. Now, with the evolution of colour-block patterns, we have geometric shapes to angular patterns. The trend has changed in terms of colours and styling over time. 

This pattern originated in London and British youth played a big role in introducing colour-block patterns to the world. The only difference is that the pastel palette used in the 60s has now transformed into bright and bold colours.

Colour-block dress

Credit: Pinterest 

Single and simple cloured dresses are timeless but there is no harm in wearing multi-colour dresses. Maxi dresses with three to four colours can be those fashion staples in your wardrobe, which do not require any accessories with it. Just keep simple-straight hair with this dress so that you do not look overdressed.

Colour-block saree

Credit: Pinterest 

If we are talking about colour-blocked saree, Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor's look rules the B-town world in this particular pattern. The actor wore a colour-blocked saree in her song "Teri Meri Kahani" from the movie "Gabbar Is Back". You can style halter neck, backless, V-neck blouses with this saree.

Colour-block Kurtis set

Credit: Pinterest 

Pair up your solid colour kurtis with totally different bottom wear. Kolhapuri footwear goes well with colour-blocked ethnic wear. You can even try out multi-coloured dupatta as well!

Colour-block tops

Credit: gaby's warkworth

Colour-block patterns are popular in long tops. Such tops suit more with bold-coloured pencil skirts. Knitted colour-blocked tops can be styled with flared jeans of a dark blue or black colours. You can wear mules or converse shoes to amp up this particular look.

Colour-block tunics

Credit: impressions online

Another type of dress that trends in colour-block patterns is tunics. Add a broad strap belt with tunics to create a style statement. Remember to mix and match your belts according to the colours of your dress. Drop heels and pair shoes like sneakers, boots, and crocs with tunics to amplify your style quotient.

Colour-block skirts

Credit: Pinterest 

There are a plethora of skirts in colour-block patterns like tartan skirts, A-line skirts, pleated skirts, asymmetrical skirts, leather skirts, and block-checker-split skirts. One common footwear which will complement the look of this skirt is long-brown boots. Tuck in the pastels coloured shirts with this skirt and your look is complete.

Colour-block shorts


You can wear colour-blocked shorts of popping colours: munsell blue, crimson, pear, medium electric blue and so on. If you are thinking of changing some fashion staples from your workout wardrobe, these are the shorts for you.

So try out colour block patterns, especially those who like to wear only one type of colour!