When it comes to salt, go black
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When it comes to salt, go black

Kala namak is a wonderful cure for people who are suffering from stomach problems

When it comes to salt,  go black

Black salt is popularly known as kala namak. It is considered by many a healthier alternative to white salt. Black salt is used in many therapies and medicines of Ayurveda because of its various health benefits. Natural rock salt is rich in iron and many other minerals that are beneficial for the human body. The salt takes a light pink colour when it is grounded to a powder.

To know more about the benefits of black salt, CitySpidey talks to Ayurvedic doctor, Dr Bhaskar Shukla from Delhi. He says, “It is true that black salt is being used in many Ayurveda medicines and therapies since ancient times. The current lifestyle of the people creates lots of health issues for the people. People are switching to black salt or rock salt."

He further says, “Black salt is very beneficial for your overall health. Especially people who are suffering from a problem of high blood pressure should not use white salt; it works as a poison for them. Black salt or rock salt helps in controlling blood pressure and problems related to stomach and digestion. Also, if anyone is feeling nausea a pinch of black salt or black salt in lemonade can help."

Here are the seven amazing health benefits black salt or kala namak is supposed to have:

Improves Digestion

Kala namak is a wonderful cure for people who are suffering from stomach problems. It improves the liver's synthesis of bile fluids, which helps the body's absorption of fat-soluble vitamins. Also, a pinch of black salt after consuming food can help you in digesting the food and also can improve the overall health of the body.

Reduces Heartburn

To get relief from heartburn, Ayurvedic doctors recommend black salt. Kala namak lowers acid levels helps with a problem like an acidity and stomach acid and other gas-related symptoms. The problem of acidity is very common among people. So, adding black salt to your daily diet can help you prevent this problem.

Help with the problem of bloating

If you're experiencing bloating, all you need is a pinch of black salt to relieve it quickly. Black salt's unusual chemical composition, which includes high levels of sodium chloride as well as iron, manganese, ferric oxide, and sulphate, aids in the reduction of gas generation, reducing bloating and flatulence.

Ease muscle cramps

If you frequently wake up with muscle cramps or joint pain, it could be because of dehydration or additional strain on your muscles. Potassium is a mineral that is rich in black salt and it helps muscles work properly and prevents painful cramps.

Regulates blood pressure

As a replacement for white salt, black salt is mostly advised by many doctors. It maintains blood pressure on the check and works as a natural blood thinner. People who are suffering from heart problems eat medicines for blood thinner so, heart patients can add this salt to their diet. But doctors warn against consuming too much of it since it can affect your blood pressure. So, ask your doctor you’re before start consuming it.

Improves iron content

Regular intake of black salt will result helps to increase the iron levels of the body because of the several natural minerals present inside this salt. To fight a problem like anemia, a doctor suggests people eat black salt and not the normal one.

Maintains sugar level

Although black salt will not totally maintain your blood glucose levels, it will surely help. Also, it will help to prevent other health issues such as high blood pressure, heart-related problems, and also respiratory problems.