The power pedallers- Delhi cycle group celebrates World Bicycle Day
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The power pedallers- Delhi cycle group celebrates World Bicycle Day

This cyclist group believes in making each day a memorable day, and keeps spreading the smiles

The power pedallers- Delhi cycle group celebrates World Bicycle Day

On the eve of World Bicycling day, The PowerPedallers a group of Delhi cyclists did a celebratory special 35-kilometer ride. The ride started from Bhagat Chandra Hospital, Mahavir Enclave, near Dwarka and rode to Vijay Chowk, New Delhi and then back again to Mahavir Enclave. As this was a weekday, the ride was kept at a relatively short 35 km but the riders made up for it with some infectious enthusiasm.

The reporting time was scheduled at Bhagat Chandra hospital at 5.00 am. From there the route went to Dabri (5.10am), Kirbi Place (5.30 am) and Dhaula Kuan (5.45 am). It went on to 11 Murti and then to Vijay Chowk.  The riders came back home via the same route by 8.30 am.

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The PowerPedallers group is not a new name. As per the founder and cyclist of this group, Anup Sharma, since the last World Bicycle Day this group has reached many milestones. In the last year, many have joined the group to enjoy a healthy life. Says Anup Sharma, "Riders are joining with their families, friends, kids, and exciting rides are being carried out on weekly basis."

The PowerPedallers group of cyclists has covered many important monuments, parks and landmarks in the city. These rides are not limited to Delhi but have also reached places such as Neemrana and Murthal with future plans to ride to Mathura, once the weather improves.

Anup Sharma, 42, Founder of The PowerPedallers group and resident of Mahavir Enclave says, “ This group has proudly completed 2 years. Total members are more than 250 but these days the active members are 50. They all are from Delhi, with most coming from Dwarka, Janakpuri and Mahavir Enclave. Today, we celebrated World Bicycle day and we had a normal ride but meeting Manoj Tiwari, MP was the special thing that happened today”

He continues, “Cycling is more fun for us rather than just a workout. I believe that everyone should cycle for 30 minutes daily if they wish to lead a healthy and stress-free life."

Anup Sharma is a father to 11-year-old Aryan Sharma. He takes his son along on the rides and he strongly recommends ‘pushing your limits'.

Aryan Sharma(11) the youngest rider of The PowerPedallers group, riding since he was 4 years old and cycling in this group since last year says, "My father gave me the cycle when I saw other parents handling the video games and cellphones to their kids. Whenever I find myself weak, my father holds my hand and soothed my scratched knees. After every fall he said to me this is what makes you strong. I am happy that my father is a cyclist and a businessman."

Neeraj Prabhakar (42) cycling with the PowerPedallers group for 2 years and a Resident of Mahavir Enclave says, “I started cycling with the Power peddlers group during the lockdown. In these 2 years, we have touched the lives of many. Cycling is not just a sport but our lifestyle. Our companionship and fun are priceless. Our group is full of diverse riders starting from age 11 to 60 plus. When we are on our rides, we leave our age, titles, positions and bank balances at home. We owe it to our group leader Anup Sharma who has been the driving force behind our group. He has been a rock-solid mentor to all of us motivating each one to push our limits”.

He continues, “ We have covered over 12000+ km in our group rides with the longest single ride of 200 km so far. I have seen Delhi more with a camera lens as I clicked maximum pictures while cycling only. Post pandemic, with things returning to old normal - usual office routine, Delhi summers, and chaotic traffic on road, our frequency of group rides has been quite restricted to weekends now. We are always looking out for opportunities and reasons to ride, just like today's World Bicycle day".

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Neeraj gives a  message to the cyclist's fraternity and says, "Let us all take a pledge to ensure a healthy and pollution-free life. Don't compete for stats like average speed or distance, focus on building a community where you can get more people to come together and ride safely with tons of fun, food, and adventure”.