Know how beating a child can affect them
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Know how beating a child can affect them

Violence can never be the language of the discipline.

Know how beating a child can affect them

Becoming a parent is a blessing but as your kid starts growing up,  parenting them with discipline is quite challenging. When they grow,  their demands and tantrums will also increase. They might develop a  rebellious nature that can test your patience. At first, you might try to reason with them but what happens when they won't listen to you. In such scenarios, you might resort to hitting,  beating, or spanking to discipline your kid.

No parent wants to hit their kids but then many parents opt for such physical forms of punishment. Although often used and in many societies often accepted ways to discipline kids, it leaves fears and invisible scars on innocent hearts resulting in a disbalance of mental and emotional health. Experts advise not to beat children as there are many adverse effects of it. Here are the reasons why you should not beat up your kid.

It may make the child rebellious: Hitting children can be the most heartbreaking step a parent might take up. While hitting your kid, you may not realise that this act can drive them away from you. Beating your kid frequently can scare them once or twice. Later on, the kid may become a rebel and will not even listen to you after hitting.

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It devalues the parent: After spanking your kid for little mistakes you may feel satisfied and relaxed but after some time, it will produce guilt and shame inside you. Gradually the kid will stop sharing his emotions with his parents which will lead to more difficulty and suppression. Ultimately the kid will become detached from the parent.

Hitting breeds hitting: Violence can never be the language of the discipline. If you try to discipline your child by hitting or yelling at them, then you are teaching them to do violence when things go against their will. Spanking the kid will make him feel scared and he will find it okay to hit anyone as children observe and model people in their surroundings.

Kids don’t forget pain: When you yell at your little ones or beat them for no big reason it will hurt them and they will remember it forever. Later on, it will create anger issues. Anger will become normal for them and as a result, they will try the same for their kids.

It simply does not work: Spanking does not reap any benefits in terms of development. You can not expect a good result in fact it will create fear and rebellious nature that will lead to difficulty for a  lifetime.

Kids do not have behavioural issues when they are born, they develop behaviour issues when a disturbance is created in their family or surroundings. When children are not treated well and are instead beat up  in place of creating understanding they will come up with behaviour issues. Parents can and should create a positive understanding environment instead of beating the child.

This story is a replug on International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression