'Policeman' told her to take her jewellery off for safekeep, and guess what!
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'Policeman' told her to take her jewellery off for safekeep, and guess what!

55-year-old Gyan Khand resident robbed by men in the guise of cops while on a walk on the Swarn Jayanti park in Niti Khand.

'Policeman' told her to take her jewellery off for safekeep, and guess what!

A 55-year-old Gyan Khand 4 resident was robbed by two unidentified men near Swarn Jayanti park in Niti Khand on November 8. The victim, Pushpa Devi, told local police that one of the miscreants came in the guise of a policeman and also carried a forged identification card.

According to local police, around 6 pm, Devi was headed home after a stroll in the park when the miscreants approached her. They advised Devi to take off her ornaments and valuables and keep them in her bag, citing the rise in chain-snatching and robberies in the area. The miscreant dressed in police uniform warned another passer-by who immediately complied by taking off his rings and keeping them in his pockets.

Devi also took off her ornaments and the miscreants offered to help her keep the ornaments in her bag. The unwitting woman handed over her ornaments, which included gold bangles, rings and a chain. The miscreants swapped the woman's ornaments with counterfeit jewellery that they were carrying, wrapped the fake jewellery in a piece of paper and placed them in her bag. 

It was only after reaching home that Devi realised that she had been robbed. The victim's son then informed the local police outpost about the incident.

Sub-inspector Updesh Yadav, in charge of Niti Khand police outpost, told City Spidey that a similar incident had been reported near Shipra Sun City a few days back. 

"They followed a similar modus operandi and this seems to be the same gang at work. The investigation is on and we are on the lookout for the criminals. They will be nabbed soon," added Yadav.