Noida: Water ATM installed at Noida stadium
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Noida: Water ATM installed at Noida stadium

This ATM has installed as a pilot project at the Noida Stadium

Noida: Water ATM installed at Noida stadium

Noida: Here is an ATM in Noida Stadium, Sector 21A that will dispense water rather than cash. Noida Authority has installed its first water ATM in Noida Stadium Sector-21 A. On June 6, 2022, Noida Authority CEO, Ritu Maheshwari launched this water ATM.

The special feature of this ATM is that you will not need money to get water, you just have to put a glass under the dispenser, press a button and you will get chilled water.

This ATM has been installed as a pilot project at the Noida Stadium.

Ritu Maheshwari, on the launch, said that the water supplied in this ATM is purified and people will can choose between chilled and normal water.

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As per information gathered, more than two thousand people, including sportspersons, visit Noida Stadium daily and in this scorching heat, cold water can be a respite for them. Earlier, the stadium had a clean water facility which was closed a few years ago.

The CEO also said that if this water installation project gets a good response, more such water ATMs will be installed throughout the city. For this purpose, a survey will be done by the department.