Have a blast with your buddy this Best Friend's day
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Have a blast with your buddy this Best Friend's day

Every year, June 8 is celebrated as National Best Friend day

Have a blast with your buddy this Best Friend's day

It's not wrong when people say that friends are the chosen family. However, among a sea of friends, there are always one or two special ones with whom, you can be yourself in the true sense. To celebrate those special friends, with whom you have had long breakdowns sessions, who you hug when you're happy, with whom you make plans for success and who indeed are nothing short of a family to you, is an occasion called Best Friends Day on June 8, oh wait, that's today! If you're confused about how to make your homie happy on this occasion, let us guide you through.

Watch a movie together

As we all know that sun has refused to shower mercy this season, why not stay indoors and plan a movie date with your BFF. You can choose a movie of your liking or you can always experiment or, ask your friend to select a movie to make him/her feel more special.

Make it a spa day

Take a day off from your office and plan a spa day with your bestie. You both deserve a chitchat session while resting and relaxing. You can also create your DIY spa at home with a face mask, cucumber on the eyes, a chilled glass of juice, and lots of gossip.

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Have brunch together

If there's any place you always wanted to try, now is the time. Brunch or dinner dates are the best way to celebrate this day and catch up on what's up with you and your buddy.

Surprise your best friend with a gift

Now, who doesn't like surprises? Send their favourite flowers, chocolates, food, a card or coffee or anything you know your best friend has been meaning to buy. Trust us, it will make your bestie feel so special and will bring a big smile to their face.

Post a photo

Posting things on social media is a very GenZ way to express love nowadays. Post a picture with your best friend with a caption only you and your bestie can understand. You can also post an old picture of both of you or even a funny picture will do, the idea is to reminisce about the old days. So, don’t wait up, scroll through your Snapchat to find pictures and take it to social media.

Cook your favourite meal together

To make this day special for both of you, plan to cook lunch together for each other and even your families too. Cooking is more fun when you cook with your best friend. Don't forget to click lots of pictures to keep the memories in photographs.

Plan a pajama party

We don't think anything is more fun than a pajama party. Lots of gossips, watching movies with ice cream and of course, loads of laughter. This is the perfect way to celebrate this day.