Ajnara Homes: Residents protest for basic amenities
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Ajnara Homes: Residents protest for basic amenities

This is a society with an inefficient security arrangements, say residents

Ajnara Homes: Residents protest for basic amenities

GreNo West: On June 11, 2022, the residents of Ajnara Homes, Sector 16B Greater Noida West, took to streets to protest against the builder of their society. The protest was done in response to the negligence of the builder to the needs of the residents.

 According to the residents, the society lacks basic amenities. Although builder had allegedly promised to make things better, no development has been done in the society.

Residents informed us that the residential plan of Ajnara homes was developed in the year 2010. The possession of a few towers was given in the first phase from the year 2017 with half-completed infrastructures and poor facilities.

Credit: Supplied
Credit: Supplied

Residents also claim that they kept pleading with the government and administration for the completion and handover their residential flats. After a long gap, they were forced to move to flats which were not completely constructed.  The residents claim that the society still stands half constructed. The also allege that the builder has just given the possession of the incomplete flats of the tower O whereaa Tower N is still not fully constructed while the buyers await possession.

Residents say that they are forced to pay for services which are not given by the builder. They say that Ajnara homes is a society with an inefficient security arrangements, without proper cleaning system, excessive delays in responding to complaints, insufficient lights in the common areas, and deplorable condition of sports areas like badminton, basketball and other courts.

Residents also raised their voices against the irrational Fixed and Usage charge of Electricity/DG. They allege that the builder is collecting arbitrary charges of Electricity/DG from them every month. The power supply is cut off every day and the ADG sets installed in the society are not running.

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The residents have also claimed that there is no cooperation from the builder in making the AOA. They say that the documents required to build AOA are with the builder and he is not handing them over.

Sujit Kumar, a resident of Ajnara Homes says, "We have been demanding to meet the builder for two years now.  He has visited his corporate office many times but he does not have time to meet residents. We raised our problems everywhere but there was only despondency from governance, administration, authority and our public representatives. No one made any effort to even hear what we have to say."

S. S. Pandey, a resident of Ajnara Homes says, “Flat buyers have been heavily fooled by the builder and we still have to go through the economic and mental agonies. Even after five years, the builder has failed to develop the facilities and basic infrastructure as per the builder-buyer agreement. We have raised our concerns with the Greater Noida
Authority, but it seems that no competent body wants to raise any objections against the builder”.

Another resident, Asha Jaiswal, emphasizes on the poor condition of the basement. She says that the basement has been converted into a dumping yard and thus, no one can park their vehicles. She also says that in monsoon comes the issue of water logging in the basement, which is further affecting the foundation of the society.
Arun Verma, a resident, while talking about how the society is unsafe for residents, says, “The lives are at major risk here, as in the entire society where so many people are living in flats, none of the fire detection systems is working. It is a matter of safety
of life but the builder is not doing anything even after complaints”.

Apart from the lack of basic facilities, residents claim that a lot of flats in the society are not registered yet. They say that the society was constructed in three phases. The flats constructed in phase 2 and 3 are not registered as the builder is not getting the NOC to get the registration done.

The residents also complain that there is no clubhouse in the society, for which they had paid while buying the home.

Bharat Malik, a resident of Ajnara Homes says, “We are waiting for when will the club gets operational? The total amount for the club was taken in advance, but till today, we are waiting for its completion so that our children can at least enjoy it. They took the club fee in advance but its construction has not been completed.”

Chandan Sinha, a resident of Ajnara homes says, “What kind of society is this? The builder said to us there will be a good kids' play area but there is just a small area for the kids which is also not maintained properly. There are not enough swings as well.”

CitySpidey contacted the Maintenance Department of Ajnara Homes to understand more about the delay and lack of services. On this, Rajiv Mishra, Estates Manager, Ajnara Homes says, "We are aware of the protest residents are doing. We will plan a builder and buyers meeting soon, to put an end to the protest. In this meeting, the grievances will be heard and we will think of a better solution to end the protest."