What do young adults like and dislike about their father?
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What do young adults like and dislike about their father?

“My father is my first love, my ideal, and my inspiration”

What do young adults like and dislike about their father?

Father’s Day is just around the corner and well, while Mother’s Day is celebrated with all zest and fervor, most people don’t even know about Father’s Day. The relationships we share with both our parents are different. While the conventional notion is that our mothers tend to be more expressive about their love, our fathers often keep a hard exterior. However, things may be different for different people.

CitySpidey talked to some youngsters to know what they like and dislike about their father:

Jaya Thapa (24), LLM student, and a resident of Dwarka Sector-10 says,

“My father is my first love, my ideal, and my inspiration. I like everything about him but most importantly, he has never discriminated between a girl and a boy and supported me in every situation of my life. I don’t like only one thing about him and that’s when he does not think once about himself and sacrifice so much to keep his family happy.”

Mamta Joshi (22), a resident of Burari, working as an Image executive says,

“My father is a superstar, even if the days are exhausting I have seen him providing the best to his family. The thing I dislike and want to change about him is the flow of nature, one has to keep changing themselves to fit in all generation gaps. I hope one day he appreciates my view of life and be proud of who I am without considering these unrealistic societal norms.”

Sonali Deewan (24), a resident of Dwarka Mor, says,

“There are always a few personality traits that children don’t always like about their parents. What I like about my dad is that he lets me take my decision; he is a feminist and very easygoing. What I do not like about my dad is he does not try to understand situations sometimes and is way too overprotective.”

Vijay Bhardwaj (23), a resident of Dwarka sector 5, working in the admin department of a private organisation says,

“How you perceive your father is just a reflection of how you see him. If he scolds you every time, then there must be a reason behind it. However, he will always have a soft corner for his child. The same thing I realised about my father too. I always tried to walk on his steps. He is so calm and understanding. However, one thing I dislike about him is he is very quiet and simple and sometimes people take advantage of this.”

Sahil Verma (24), a resident of Laxmi Nagar, working as Senior Executive- PR client servicing, says,

“I like my father very much. As I have seen him sacrificing his personal choices and views for the sake of my family. I have seen him in his worst time without complaining or regretting it. However, I want my father to be like my friend, a person with whom I can share my problems without hesitation. I want to include him in my life as not only my guardian but also a buddy and a strong supporter.”

Rohan Singh (19), a resident of Dwarka Sector- 5, and an Engineering student says,

“My father fulfills all my dreams like every father. He plays cricket with me and I can share everything with him. He is a person with a golden heart. The one thing I dislike about him is that he is very short-tempered. He shouts without giving a single thought to what he is saying and that gets a little hurtful sometimes.”

Aakash Kumar (28), a resident of Dwarka Sector-8 says, working in a media company says,

“My father is my role model and I would love to be like him. He never thinks twice before doing anything for his kids and family. He is literally a person I have always admired. He always supported my dreams and never stopped me from pursuing what my heart says. The one thing I dislike about him is his temper.”