Urban middle class of Delhi NCR reacts to 15.88% Wholesale Price Inflation
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Urban middle class of Delhi NCR reacts to 15.88% Wholesale Price Inflation

The price of meat, eggs, and all vegetables has inflated

Urban middle class of Delhi NCR reacts to 15.88% Wholesale Price Inflation

Noida: As inflation spikes, it is getting difficult for the middle class and poor sections of the society to keep up. The Center has released statistics that reveal the wholesale inflation rate increased from 15.08% to 15.88% in the month of May, 2022. It can be a little disturbing for the average person to live in such a condition. It was reported that the core inflation rate for May was 10.5%.

Due to this, the price of meat, eggs, and all vegetables has inflated. However, fall in the prices of some things has also been registered. A report by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry of the Government of India points out that the rise in the price of mineral oil, petroleum, natural gas, food products, basic metals, and chemical products will affect the pockets of middle-class urban citizens.

This is how the urban middle class reacts to this:

Shive Sharan from Gaur City Noida says, "In the society’s market, the price of every vegetable and fruit is always 10 to 15 rupees more expensive than in the local markets." If the price of these things increases more than this, it will affect their monthly budget, tells Shive.

Another resident of Gaur City, Noida, Lalita Tomar says, “Why do we always have to bear all this, whether it is the increase in the price of petrol or in vegetables and fruit? Sometimes these things make me suffocate and also compel me to think how we will survive with such inflation”.

Mamta Malik, who lives in Raj Nagar Extension, Ghaziabad, is a single parent and has several expenses to take care of. She says, "If there is so high inflation in the prices of basic things such as groceries, there’s no way we can save for other expenses. It affects my entire budget every month.”

Sanjeev Kumar, a resident from Vasundhara, Ghaziabad, says, "First it was the rise in the petrol prices and further, the prices of vegetables and groceries have increased.  I am a contractor by profession, things need to be accessible in reasonable prices for everything to go on well.”

Santi Yadav, a resident from Shahdara, Delhi, says, "My husband and I are retired. Our pension is the only source of income from which we see how to fulfill our needs. We don’t have kids to look after us. So this kind of news worries us about how the needs of the month will be met. We have health-related issues, so our medical expenses are high too.”

Vipin Kumar, a local vegetable seller from Shahdara, Delhi says, "I am a small vegetable seller who buys vegetables from Shahdara Mandi every day and then sells them in the streets. Whenever the rates of vegetables or fruits increase, then we have to face the problem in selling them as our regular customers deny to buy them."

Tanya Chauhan from Shahibad, Ghaziabad says, "I am a teacher and the salary is not very good.  I am the one who looks after all my expenses and have to pay my rent. If the prices keep on increasing at this pace, how am I going to survive and save for my future.”