Ajnara Homes: Residents furious over lack of basic amenities
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Ajnara Homes: Residents furious over lack of basic amenities

The residents allege that the builder had made several promises

Ajnara Homes: Residents furious over lack of basic amenities

GreNo West: The residents of Ajnara Homes are riled and furious over the lack of basic amenities in the society and the negligence of the builder. Even after paying huge sums of money, the residents don't get what they have paid for, a peaceful life with basic facilities in their homes.

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The residents allege that the builder had made several promises. He said that the roof tiles will be installed, basement will be well constructed, the remaining lifts will be installed, there'll be parks installed with swings for children. However, the ground reality is far from the pretty picture painted by the builder.

Many flats in the society are yet to get their registry, gate number 1 of the society is still not operational, the basement gets waterlogged every time it rains, parking has not been allotted to the residents, causing frequent arguments within residents and there is no playing area for children and no club for the residents.

S. S. Pandey says, "We are paying for the areas which have never been swept and cleaned, as they have not even been built. We are paying for the maintenance of the swings, which are not yet installed."

Asha Jaiswal, mother of two kids and a resident of Ajnara Homes says, "The builder has not installed swings for the children at the marked place till date, kids are forced to use the temporary makeshift swings. What do we tell our kids when they see other developed parks in other high rises?"

Arun Verma, a resident says, "Basement remains waterlogged all the time, due to this, last year there were more than 60 dengue patients in the society. This time also the situation is expected to be the same".

Chandan Sinha, a resident questions, “Does the builder have no money to build a few stairs? If so, why not declare yourself bankrupt? Why doesn't the authority get the work completed by evicting the builder”.

As per the residents, the builder has also given possession allegedly without the OC in Phase 3 (Tower O and Tower N), which reflects his disregard to the authorities such as RERA, Greater Noida Authority, district administration and the government.

Dipanker Panday, a resident says, "As you enter this society, you will find hanging tube lights, broken signage, broken chairs, plaster falling and broken tiles. So much maintenance is forcefully charged from prepaid meters. Why are we living here? "

Pradeep Bansal, a resident asks, "Is the builder so strong that without firefighting equipment, regardless of the safety of the residents, he is breaking all the rules and regulations in broad daylight and the administration is unable to do anything? Where are the fire officers? Why don't they see it even after complaining again and again? What action was taken after his so many inspections?"