Ganpati Apts discusses women’s rights
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Ganpati Apts discusses women’s rights

Dwarka: Experts and activists express views at event organised in the Sector 9 society, say gender equality is the need of the hour.

Ganpati Apts discusses women’s rights Participants and experts pose for a photo after the event in Ganpati Apartments, Sector 9

About 100 people participated in a programme on women empowerment on November 12 in the community hall at Ganpati Apartments in Sector 9.

The programme was organised by Dr KS Bhati, the president of the society, under the aegis of Sunanda Bhandari Foundation. Several legal experts, social and women activists expressed their views on empowerment of women and their rights. 

The chief guest at the event was MC Bhandari, former governor of Odisha, a former MP and a senior advocate. In his address, he appealed to bring a change in the society by removing poverty.


Residents listen to the experts during the programme


Siddheshwar Nath Tripathi, senior advocate and national vice-president of Rule of Law Society of India, spoke about the fundamental rights, especially Article 14 and 15 in the constitution. He said, “This constitution gives us the right to equality. Women are equal to men and they have equal rights according to the Indian constitution.”

PK Saxena, a retired judge of Delhi High Court, said that women should not feel inferior to men as they have been empowered by the law as well. He discussed Article 125 through which women can claim maintenance if they are neglected by their family.

 “It’s time for women to wake up and fight for their rights. This is the time for them to make the society feel that they are empowered with education and awareness. The male dominated society needs to change its mentality about women,” said Dr Abha Aggarwal, a resident of Sector 14, Gurgaon, and joint secretary of Rule of Law Society of India, Delhi-NCR.


KS Bhati, president of Ganpati Apartments, addresses the audience


Meanwhile, Bhati said, “There is a need to bring social, financial and gender equality for women. Though the law and the constitution gives them equal rights and opportunities, the socio-cultural structure should also make them feel empowered.”

Madhuri Varshney, president of Dwarka Forum, and Raje Kurup, president of Dwarka Hello Moms, were also present at the event. While Varshney recited a poem for women, Kurup expressed her feelings about working with women and girls in slum areas.


MC Bhandari, former governor of Odisha and the chief guest at the event, shares his views with the audience