Pankaj Tripathi shares his experience as 'Gangaram' in upcoming movie Sherdil
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Pankaj Tripathi shares his experience as 'Gangaram' in upcoming movie Sherdil

"I loved spending time in the forest", says Tripathi

Pankaj Tripathi shares his experience as 'Gangaram' in upcoming movie Sherdil

Delhi: Bollywood actor Pankaj Tripathi will be seen as 'Gangaram' in Srijit Mukherjee's upcoming film 'Sherdil: The Pilibhit Saga'. The movie draws inspiration from a true incident that rolled out in Pilibhit district, UP.

In a recent press conference in New Delhi, while promoting the film, Tripathi shared his journey as 'Gangaram' and his experience while playing the character. The actor tells that he himself is a nature lover and expressed his love for forests, wildlife, flora and fauna. "I got more attached to wildlife after the movie," says Tripathi.

Through the character of 'Gangaram', Tripathi learned more about the man-animal conflict that exists in Pilibhit Tiger Reserve. He further mentioned how his character in this movie has drawn him closer to nature and wildlife.

In addition, Tripathi also shared his experience about the time spent in forests during the shooting of the movie. He beautifully broached the bustling forest. He also mentioned the chirping of colourful birds and the herd of elephants.

Furthermore, the director Srijit Mukherjee, who has previously directed movies such as 'Begum Jaan', explained the character of 'Gangaram' as a very sensitive yet brave man who would do anything for his family and village. 'Gangaram' is shown as a great sentimental leader who takes responsibility for all the villagers and enters the forest to sacrifice himself to help his family and village.

Director Mukherjee talked about his motivation behind making this movie and how he has improvised the story with a heroic twist in the character of 'Gangaram'.

The movie is presented as a satire of the real story of Pilibhit Tiger Reserve. Both, Srijit Mujherjee and Pankaj Tripathi believe that one story can have different sides and that it is easier to convey a message better through satire because besides entertaining people, it induces a serious thought behind the humour.

As explained by the director, the character of 'Gangaram' is best suited for Pankaj Tripathi because he is a face of common man, a grounded and down to earth man and is a phenomenal versatile actor.

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The upcoming movie, 'Shedil: The Pilibhit Saga', touches different social issues such as urbanisation, man-animal conflict and corruption as well.