GreNo West: GNIDA imposes fine of 1.02 lakh for poor waste management
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GreNo West: GNIDA imposes fine of 1.02 lakh for poor waste management

This comes after repeated complaints from Noida Estate Flat Owner's Main Association.

GreNo West: GNIDA imposes fine of 1.02 lakh for poor waste management

Noida: On June 22, 2022, the Public Health Department of Greater Noida Authority imposed a total fine of rupees 1.02 lakh on Vedantam Redicon society and Hawelia Valenova Park, Greater Noida West, for the poor waste management of garbage. The authority has instructed them to deposit the fine amount in the account within the next three working days from the day of the imposition of the fine.

This development comes about after repeated complaints by Noida Estate Flat Owner's Main Association to the Authority on the issue of poor waste management practice in Vedantam Redicon society and Hawelia Valenova Park. NEFOMA (Noida Estate Flat Owner's Main Association) held a meeting with the Somya Srivastava, OSD, Greater Noida Authority, regarding the problems of GreNo West societies on June 21, 2022. Following this, Greater Noida Authority levied fine on not just the societies but on individuals who were seen littering on roads as well.

Taking cognizance of the complaint made by the NEFOMA team, on June 22, 2022, OSD Soumya Srivastava conducted a survey of Vedantam Radicon Society of Sector 16C Greater Noida West. The Health Department officials found heaps of garbage dumped in the basement and the authority officials imposed a penalty of rupees 81600 on Radicon Vedantam builder for violating the rules.

Salil Yadav, in charge and Senior Manager of the Public Health Department of Greater Noida Authority says, "The team led by Sanjeev Vidhuri, Health Inspector of Public Health Department, had been tasked to investigate the management of waste in Vedantam Society, Sector 16C and Hawelia Valenova Park societies in Sector Techzone 4. In both places, the garbage disposal was not being done properly as per the rules of Solid Waste Management 2016. Following this, a fine of Rs 81,600 has been imposed on the Vedantam Society and a fine of Rs 20,400 has been imposed on Hawelia Valanova".

When the team of Greater Noida Authority was investigating the Techzone 4 area, they found that a lot of garbage was thrown outside the Shri Radha Sky Garden. There was also no dustbin. Guilty of littering, twenty street vendors were also fined rupees 100 each. Four shopkeepers who were found littering have also been fined rupees 200 each. Says Salil Yadav, “It is mandatory for all the bulk waste generators to dispose off the waste on their own. If anyone is found mismanaging the garbage, they'll be fined."

On June 21, 2022, the representatives from Greater Noida West met the CEO of Greater Noida Authority and the OSD Somya Srivastava to discuss several civic issues. Residents from several societies such as Vedantam Radicon, Arihant Amber, SKA Greenarch, Amatra Homes and so on were present at the meeting.

Annu khan, President, of Nefoma says, “We are thankful for the authority and Salil Yadav for taking prompt action and expect the Authority to take cognizance of the other complaints as well”.