Meet Vivan Mathur, a young environmentalist from Noida
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Meet Vivan Mathur, a young environmentalist from Noida

Vivaan is an active member of the Voices of Youth

Meet Vivan Mathur, a young environmentalist from Noida

13-year-old Vivan Mathur, a resident of Soth Delhi, is doing his bit to conserve the environment. His love for the environment can be witnessed in his artworks, one of which travelled to Queens's platinum Jubilee celebration in London. His artwork was printed onto 200 silk flags and these flags were paraded at the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Pageant in front of Buckingham Palace on June 5, 2022.

Vivan participated in the Global Goals Competition which invited school students globally to create artworks under the theme 'River of Hope' to depict their hopes for the environment, keeping in mind the Sustainable Development Goals. This competition organized by Thames Festival Trust was held in March 2022. Vivaan was declared the winner of this competition.

Vivaan’s artwork was based on the theme of providing clean water to everyone. Vivaan’s design was printed onto a beautiful silk flag that was paraded in front of Buckingham Palace. During the pageant, his artwork was featured in the 'River of Hope' section of the parade where 200 flags with his artwork printed on them appeared like a moving river.

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Vivan has always been vocal about the need to conserve our natural resources. True to his cause, Vivan keeps on working on environment-friendly initiatives. During a project, Vivan collected and recycled aluminum cans with the help of his teachers. He has also tried to contribute to the Sustainable Development goal of tackling hunger by leading food donation drives. Vivaan is also an active member of the Voices of Youth, which is a UNICEF initiative for young environmental leaders from across the world to exchange their knowledge and ideas.

Shruti Mathur, the mother of Vivan Mathur, says, “I feel that the hopes of the world towards a clean, green, and sustainable future rest on young children such as Vivaan. I am extremely proud of him and thank his school, which gives him numerous opportunities to show his commitment and promote his goal and passion.”

Following the pageant, his artworks were also displayed at Oxford Street, London, on a digital display during the week-long celebrations. In future, Vivaan’s artwork converted into a flag will be displayed as part of a public exhibition at the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich from September 26 to October 30, 2022.

Vivaan and his aspirations for a cleaner and greener future don't end here.

He says, "I feel that it is our responsibility to protect the environment and ecosystems. I will continue to volunteer and take initiatives for environmental conservation."