Horn Ok Please 2022: Get yourself a picture perfect!
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Horn Ok Please 2022: Get yourself a picture perfect!

Delhi's happiest fest is finally back after two years

Horn Ok Please 2022: Get yourself a picture perfect!

Horn OK Please 2022 is indeed a cheerful fest and is finally back after two years. We'll tell you about all the exciting stuff in the event you simply shouldn't miss. Here you'll not only find yourself surrounded by food stalls but with different photo booths as well to click innumerable photos. Such fests are an opportunity to get yourself a memorable souvenir in the form of pictures with your friends and family.

The fest is brimming with several photo booths. Once you enter the stadium, a photobooth by Mr makhna is waiting for you; the booth says you are beautiful from all the angles. A little further, on your left, you could easily spot a different section dedicated to all the photo lovers, with 4-5 photobooths set up for the attendees. Just like the fest, photo booths are vibrant and colourful.

Horn OK Please is also painted with all pride colours to celebrate the pride month. You can get insta-worthy pictures and boomerangs with all the aesthetic and zeal in the rainbow-themed booth.

This cheer-up booth will definitely cheer up your mood, and its vibrant colours will automatically make you picture even more beautiful.

The big HOP written with bulbs is truly one of the best spots to take pictures. These photo booths are all set to amp up the fun and excitement level at Horn OK Please.

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The Horn Ok Please Food Festival is a perfect opportunity to have fun with family and friends. Book your tickets, grab your cameras, and rush to this fest to get yourself the much needed enjoyable weekend.