Parents' Association of NCR protests against the fee hike
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Parents' Association of NCR protests against the fee hike

The schools allegedly increased 40% of the transport fee in 2022

Parents' Association of NCR protests against the fee hike

Noida: On June 25, 2022, at 11:00 am, the parents' association of NCR staged a protest which they called a 'satyagraha' against the educational institutions in front of the Gautam Buddh Nagar District Magistrate's office to highlight the issues faced by parents in educating their children.

The protestors did a cleaning drive in the District Magistrate's office to put forth their stand. According to the Parents Association, the educational institutes are charging hike fees. They say that the schools have hiked tuition fees and transportation fees. Moreover, they are also charging a fine of rupees 50 per day for delay in fee submission.

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The parents' associatio went to the District Magistrate's office in Gautam Buddh Nagar and handed over the  memorandum to SDM Umesh Chand Nigam. The SDM ensured the parents' association that necessary steps will be taken and the details will be forwarded to the departments concerned.

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The association demands 5 things from the educational institutions-

The admissions for the 12500 poor EWS quota children should start.
The transportation fee increased by 40% should be minimized to 10% as per the government orders.
10% hike in the school fees should be lifted.
Late fees charge of rupees 50 should be reduced.
The education quality in government schools should improve.

Sukhpal Singh Toor, President of Parents Association NCR, says, "We  mainly demanded 5 things from the administration or the concerned  body. We will hope for necessary actions to be taken and issues to be resolved. We will wait for a week and if no action will be taken, we will take this issue to the high court. I want children to get education and I will do whatever it takes for that."

Avinash Jha, a parent and a resident of Noida Extension of says, "I paid May's fee on June 8 and which was around rupees 6500 but the  school charged me 2000 extra as charges for late fee submission. I was informed about through a message. I investigated the problem with the school but they are not ready to show any document about charging the late fine. I am sending my child to a school I can afford but despite that, I am unable to pay the fee."

NEFOWA also supported the parents' association in the protest and demanded the same from the administration.

Manish Kumar, Senior VP NEFOWA, says, "Only 5000 students got admission this year under the EWS quota. The EWS parents are facing many problems by the educational institutes for educating their child. We stand with them."