Seven locations to explore in India this Monsoon
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Seven locations to explore in India this Monsoon

Munnar, in Kerala, is one of the most affordable and lovely monsoon destinations in India

Seven locations to explore in India this Monsoon

A cool breeze calming our nerves, the smell of wet mud in the air, and the flavour of tea- Monsoon makes everything better. If cityscapes and heat are weighing down on you, it is perhaps to plan a Monsoon getaway. Fortunately, India, in its geographical diversity, offers us many rain magnificent destinations. Be ready to explore the greens, the hills, the flowers and the cascades.

Here are a few destinations in India you can explore this Monsoon-


Coorg is a remote district in India's Karnataka state. Located just on Western Ghats' hillsides, one of the best times to visit Coorg is during the rainfall. Coorg is covered in thick and tightly packed rich biodiversity. It is a relaxing vacation with a wide range of crystal-clear waters, lakes, cocoa, and other entertainment venues. Visitors must go to Abbey Falls, Raja's Seat, and many other beautiful places during the rainy season. During the season, adventure sports like hiking, rock climbing, and outdoors will be fantastic experiences.


This famous hill station in Uttarakhand assumes a unique charm during the monsoons. The lake glistens and the hills gleam with fresh sunlight. It is the most visited mountain range in Northern India, relatively near to Dehradun and Delhi. It is conveniently accessible by road from nearby large cities and is perfect for a long-weekend visit. Nainital's centre is the Naini Lake, which has Mall Road on one side, and the famous Thandi Sadak on another.

Spiti Valley

Spiti Valley, popularly known as Tiny Tibet by some travellers, is a cold hill valley in the Himalayan region, located in the northern Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. There are countless main attractions in Himachal during the monsoon season, and it is one of the best. During wet seasons, the area appears shiny and fascinating. You can enjoy river rafting while admiring the flora. the famous Momo, a Tibetan dish, is one of the most delicious things to relish while in Spiti. There is indeed a charm of miracles in the air of such a spot, and it should be deemed an outstanding holiday option for all those who love the weather.

Mandu, MP

Mandu can retain your attention for all the right reasons. It's indeed a mystical getaway that is best frequented during the Monsoon season. Once you are laid out on a voyage to a wonderful place like Mandu, you would fall in love with its natural views. The above town is rich in historical sites including the Rani Roopmati Venue, Hoshang Shah's tomb, and Baz Bahadur Castle, making for one of the best places to visit in Madhya Pradesh. The Jahaz Mahal in Mandu makes it appear to be a ship about to cruise as it floats on its mirror image. However, for generations, this stone and mortar force did not. Rather, it sat quietly over the dual lakes, bringing attention to Mandu's lengthy, rich, and diverse life. But, if going to visit Mandu is on your bucket list, set aside an evening to watch the insightful sound and laser show that will transport you back in time.


Munnar, in Kerala, is one of the most affordable and lovely monsoon destinations in India. Everybody is well-versed in the landscape's charm that wins the war in the southern states. Munnar is another Kerala location that is nothing short of heaven and paradise in the country. When in Munnar during a beautiful season, you must tour Eravikulam National Park, Mattupetty Dam, Anamudi, or other attractions. The silver-white mist, mountains, and lush greenery combined with the airflow and pleasant climate will give you a memorable time.


Monsoons in Mahabaleshwar unleash a world of greens and large cascades. Forget Goa, this serene place in Maharashtra can be your Monsoon getaway. It is famous for its stunning rolling hills landscape. Air in Mahabaleshwar is foggy during the monsoon season, with lush greenery all around, making for magical sights. You can simply relax around the Venna Lake with a steaming hot cup of chai. While you're there, you must take a trip to Chinaman and Dhobi Cliffs.

Mount Abu

This is a hillside station in the plain state of Rajasthan. The white-marbled Majestic Temples near Mount Abu are breathtaking during the monsoon season. Whenever it rains, all of the temples on the high point of Guru Shikhar, Mount Abu's tallest peak, become a place to be in. Nakki Lake becomes more magnificent during the rainy season, and the Dusk Idea captivates numerous visitors.