Sip on Smoothies for your daily dose of nutrition
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Sip on Smoothies for your daily dose of nutrition

Smoothies are the healthiest and the easiest substitute for solid food

Sip on Smoothies for your daily dose of nutrition

As many of us are working long shifts and travelling long hours for it, there is a chance we may end up losing our daily nutrition needs. Smoothies are the perfect yet the most beneficial and of course effortless supper substitute for solid food which help in boosting your vitality levels immediately. Smoothies are versatile and can be enjoyed whether you're rushing to work or simply coming home after a workout.

You can always juggle to choose between the fruits and vegetables to pick out the perfect smoothie packed with different nutrients and tons of antioxidants, just count on the calories so that you don't over-do it.

Here are some reasons to whip up smoothies this Summer-

It will keep the cravings away
It is a proven fact that since smoothies are nutrient-dense, this drink will help you to settle down with a full stomach for a longer period.

The smoothie can be a wonderful way of adding up fruits and vegetables
Including fruits and vegetables in your daily routine and as we say eating one fruit a day, keeps the disease at bay! So blending them and Sipping them can be a great alternative.

It works as the best meal replacement
We all have those days when we don't know what to eat or simply when we are just a little more occupied with all the work, these smoothies can rescue us with nutrition.

Smoothies are dense with fibre
More the fibre, the better the digestion and of course better digestion means excellent functioning of the bodily process. So adding more fibrous fruits like bananas or green leafy vegetables, or chia seeds are just some of the suggestions.

It will provide a nutritional balance
smoothies are the best options to add in if you are looking out for a drink that is packed with all the nutrients like fat, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and whatnot, well this is the best thing that can help.

Go-to quick smoothie!

  • You need less than five minutes to make any kind of smoothie. Use our simple recipe on its own or use it as a base for other smoothies.
  • For making the smoothie, you will just need
  • Any kind of fruit or vegetable of your choice, Greek yoghurt, a cup of water or milk (dairy or non-dairy) and additionally if you like more sweet sugar or teaspoons of honey and Ice.
  • Just blend in your bullet machine and voila! You are good to go with your smooth smoothie!

Tips to make your smoothies a little more delicious :

  • Add frozen fruits to enhance the iced-flavour
  • Bring variation while you combine two or more fruits
  • Bring protein with seeds like flax seeds, chia seeds or just a scoop of your protein powder
  • If you want a smoother yet nutty flavoured smoothie you can add any kind of nut butter like peanut butter, or almond butter.
  • Who can even say no to chocolate, add in some chunks of chocolate or just a few choco chips to bring more taste to your smoothie.

So, what are you waiting for? Pick your ingredients and blend them away.