Noida: 7X Welfare raises the issue of faded zebra crossings
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Noida: 7X Welfare raises the issue of faded zebra crossings

7X members allege that authorities are not taking this matter seriously

Noida: 7X Welfare raises the issue of faded zebra crossings

While growing up, we learned about the importance of zebra crossings for pedestrian safety. However, the lesson has faded as have the zebra crossing lines along Noida roads. Faded zebra crossings are posing a risk to pedestrians as well as other vehicle drivers.

The 7X Welfare team, a road safety collective in Noida, is raising the concern of faded zebra crossings in Noida.

Rakesh Jha, a member of 7X and resident of sector 78 is appalled at the reality of missing zebra crossings from the main roads of Noida. Something that he has noticed a lot. After raising the issue with authorities concerned for the last six months, he alleges that authorities are not taking the matter seriously. The issue can be seen at many points in the city such as sector 14 Golcakkar, sector 53/34 red light, sector 39/40 red light, near sector 61 metro station, sector46/47 redlight, and other areas of Noida.

Jha says, "There is no proper zebra crossing throughout Noida after resurfacing of Noida roads. All pedestrians face problems while crossing roads. We give feedback to the authorities during our traffic awareness program but all in vain. The tender for this work has been pending for 6 months and accidents are being reported here."

Giriraj Bahedia, founder member of the 7X welfare team says, "We raise awareness about road safety with people but what about tangible issues such as faded zebra crossings? Visible crossings give signals to drivers to slow down or to stop as this is the walking area for pedestrians. Such faded crossings can cause accidents. We have also given many letters to the Noida Authority but so far only assurance has been given to us."

CP Mishra, a traffic inspector in Noida, says, "The Authority should look after this matter as soon as possible. Zebra crossings go a long way in making the crossing of roads convenient and safe for pedestrians. There are so many crowded roads all over the city and zebra crossing is essential for everyone."

Cityspidey reached out to authorities concerned to get updates.

AS Sharma, senior manager, Noida Authority traffic cell, says, "The sanctions for the Zebra crossings have been initiated and tenders for the same have been invited. We have marked the areas where zebra crossings will be painted. The work is in process and, as it is monsoon, the work will start in the coming 2 months."