Do household chores count as a workout?
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Do household chores count as a workout?

Here are five reasons for homemakers to start working out

Do household chores count as a workout?

Amidst the responsibilities of running the house and taking everyone's care, health usually takes a back seat in the life of homemakers. We often hear homemakers say, "my household work is my exercise," but is that enough? Housework may not always be a substitute for working out, as the latter can have added benefits that doing housework cannot provide.

Shipra Lamba, a psychologist says, "Physical exercise releases endorphins and dopamine known as happy hormones, which helps our brain relax, rejuvenate and feel great." She further adds, "Working out daily can alleviate the symptoms of low self-esteem and social withdrawal. It not only makes us physically fit but also helps us to control our mind and guide it in the right direction."

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Here are five reasons for homemakers to start working out:

Relaxation and peace of mind

The daily humdrum of life can take a toll on your mental health. While being actively involved in housework may help tone your muscles, it may not necessarily refresh your senses. Kiran Bisht (42), a resident of Platinum Heights from Dwarka shares that exercise and working out helped her to calm down during the Covid-19 period. "My biggest motivation for work out and exercise is relaxation and peace of mind. After COVID 19, we were trapped in our houses, and working out helped me break the monotony of space and kept me fit."

Self-time and powerhouse of energy

Homemakers usually work for their families for the entire day and tend to forget their requirements. Working out is the time you give to yourself. Shagun Maurya, 38, a resident of Om Apartments, sector 14 says, "I used to feel tired, unwell and experienced a lack of energy but after starting work out, I feel energetic all day."

A way to meet new people

Staying at home continuously and being stuck with housework can prevent homemakers from socializing and making new friends. Aradhana Das Sinha, 40, founder of Urban Cycling, Dwarka says, "When we go out to work out, we meet new people and we get inspired by others to push our boundaries. We motivate each other to achieve their dreams which were lost in the sea of responsibilities."

Aradhana Das Sinha
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Physical Strength

It is a well-known fact that physical strength tends to decline as we age. Physical exercise improves your muscular strength, it helps in physical relief from the health issues like knee pain and body ache. Be it any form of exercise like dance, walking, or cycling, we must take 30 minutes routine for our body and mind.

Confidence, positivity, and health

According to the official website of the Center for disease control and prevention, it is proven that working out helps you to fight chronic conditions like diabetes, heart disease, depression, anxiety, and dementia.  Residents of Dwarka talk about how working out has improved their confidence and lifestyle. Pratima Magoo, 45, a resident of Sector 7 Dwarka says, "When I work out, I feel positive and confident."