When at home, keep calm and barbeque
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When at home, keep calm and barbeque

Here are some mouth-watering barbeque recipes for a sizzling house party

When at home, keep calm and barbeque

"It is better to have burnt and lost than never to have barbecued at all" - William Shakespeare

Barbeque is probably the world's oldest cooking method. It has come a long way from the traditional pit BBQ that originated in the Caribbean to the great Indian tandoor. Australians have taken to the 'barbie' with great gusto. It is a fun and fiery way to eat heartily and stay snug, perfect on a nippy night or for a breezy brunch.

If you are planning a new year’s party with your friends & family there is nothing better than a relaxed barbeque party on a gorgeous day or a beautiful night. Take out a barbeque and enjoy most of winter by cooking outdoors or indoors just on your balcony

Here are some mouth-watering barbeque recipes to entertain your guests & get loads of compliments this party season!

How to set up Barbeque for the party:

1. For this step, all you need is some lighter fluid, a good quality BBQ Charcoal, and some long matchstick. Remember to make sure that you use natural charcoal (like wood charcoal or coconut shell charcoal).

2. Whether it’s electric, gas or a charcoal grill, clean the wire rack well before using it and give it a good scrape to remove any food residue. These are a few bbq techniques to keep in mind before starting your grill. You can oil it to prevent the food to stick. Preheat the grill before placing the skewers on it.

Pro tips: Keep water in case you burn the food

Paneer Tikka

Cook the soft & juicy chunks of paneer marinated in tandoori masala which you can grill with veggies. This is a great dish to serve at your next barbeque.

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Bhunne Besan Ka Murgh Tikka

Explore a burst of flavours with this recipe that uses a lovely marinade of yoghurt, besan, garam masala, cumin powder and tandoori masala. Giving a juicy and aromatic flavour, you can even have these tikkas as wraps by rolling them in naan along with chutney.

Mix Vegetables and Cheese Skewers

Surprise all by serving a medley of exciting spices and a mix of vegetables. Paneer, bell pepper, onions and zucchini marinated in a variety of spices, grilled on a tandoor/oven and served with hung curd dip.

Barbeque Fish Tikka

A delicious Indian appetizer, this fish tikka recipe is easy to prepare with just a few ingredients which are easily available in our kitchens. Prepare for a dinner party and you'll not be able to resist coming back to this recipe again.

Barbeque Grilled King Prawns or Shrimps

The most tasteful seafood you can try during winter is king prawns or shrimps.  But the easiest way of preparing shrimp was and still is grilling it. Grilling roast shrimp because shrimp needs quick high heat to keep it juicy and flavourful.

With the winter season around, these barbecue recipes would just be ideal to prepare for a chilly bonfire party with friends and family.

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