Enjoy rainy days with monsoon-friendly fabric
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Enjoy rainy days with monsoon-friendly fabric

It is wise to choose the fabric that will keep you cool and can easily absorb sweat.

Enjoy rainy days with monsoon-friendly fabric

We all love the rainy season but it is always challenging to decide what to wear during the monsoon. This season has its qualities and style. Almost everything around you is fresh and greenery attracts you to nature's beauty. To enjoy the beauty of this season you need to be comfortable with what you wear.

This is the perfect time to try new accessories and fabric that save you from both heat and humidity. It is wise to choose the fabric that will keep you cool and can easily absorb the sweat.

To make this monsoon a little more happy and comfortable for you, we have compiled a list of some fabrics which you can wear during the monsoon.


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Rayon is the perfect fabric for you that can keep you cool and dry. This fabric is not only light but breathable too. It also has a little shine that makes it look vibrant and stylish. Rayon fabric absorbs sweat fast and keeps you comfortable on humid and sweaty days.


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This fabric is thicker than cotton and that is why it doesn’t stick around your body even if you are sweating. You can find amazing designs and patterns in this fabric which you can use to make dresses, tops, and suits. This is the best to get the best outdoor dress for happy rainy days as it also dries quickly.


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Satin is one of the most attractive fabrics because it is both stylish and comfortable. Satin is a fantastic choice for the monsoon season because of its sheen. Its vibrant colours make this fabric a suitable addition to your monsoon wardrobe.


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Muslin is a more lightweight fabric it is perfect to wear on rainy days. The dresses and saree look gorgeous and dry quickly. Muslin is the perfect material for combining comfort and elegance because of its colours and quality.

Mashu Gaji

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Mashru Gaji is a blend of viscose and cotton. Mashru silk has the appearance of glittering silk with the calming sensation of cotton. It is comfortable to wear and absorbs sweat quickly. It is perfect for those who enjoy a luxury lifestyle and want to flaunt and maintain their style statement during the monsoon.