Hard Cash Day 13: Bankers' side of the story
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Hard Cash Day 13: Bankers' side of the story

It's not just the public that is going through a tough time. Bankers say their family and social lives have become non-existent since the demonetisation.

Hard Cash Day 13: Bankers' side of the story

Bank employees have been forced to work round the clock ever since the government's sudden move to ban Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes.

Apart from managing the usual transactions, bankers now have the added responsibility of placating unruly crowds and handling impatient customers. In fact, Delhi police has received about 8,000 calls reporting scuffles outside banks.

City Spidey spoke to a couple of employees from different banks in East Delhi. "Our managing director has emailed all employees to not share any information with the media," said Pragya Nandvani, HDFC Bank branch manager, Mayur Vihar. However, she accepted that employees were facing a tough time since the old notes were banned.

"Ever since demonetisation, I have been leaving the branch at 11 at night," said Amit Dwivedi, an employee of the same branch as Nandvani's. "Our family lives are suffering. Our social lives have become non-existent."

Dinesh Saha, manager of Central Bank of India's Laxmi Nagar branch, said, "Who is going to feel our pain? We are employees and have to work as per the rules."