Meet Surbhi Mittal, the class X second national topper
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Meet Surbhi Mittal, the class X second national topper

Surbhi wants to become a lawyer and do good for the community

Meet Surbhi Mittal, the class X second national topper

Noida: The CBSE class X results for 2022 were announced on July 22, 2022. Making her parents and teachers proud, Surbhi Mital, a resident of Noida Sector 128 scored a whopping 99.8% and has become the second national topper.

Surbhi is a student in Amity International school, Noida. She scored 100 in every subject except in English, in which she scored 99 out of 100. "I didn't expect that I will score this much, it was obvious that my exams were good, so I just expected good marks,” says Surbhi.

On being asked about how she prepared for the exams, she informs that she used to study but also took a break for her hobbies and leisure activities such as walking, listening to music, dancing or talking to a friend.

On asking Surbhi about her daily study routine, she says, "I prioritised my studies and made a subject-wise routine. The only thing which matters while studying is that you have to be consistent because consistency is the key."

She also says that her parents are her biggest supporters. Her parents never pressurized her to study. She also says that her teachers helped her by taking mock tests and making her practice. Surbhi also says that she never overburdened herself with too much syllabus.

When we asked Surbhi about her dream, she told us that she wants to become a lawyer and be the voice of people, work for the needy, and want to do community service by walking in the footprints of her grandfather. The most important message which Surbhi wants to give to students is, "Feel proud of whatever you have scored, don't take that too hard, you just need to understand that you have to work a little harder from the next time. Make a routine for yourself and be consistent."