Noida: Mom bloggers of NCR- Rising and Shining!
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Noida: Mom bloggers of NCR- Rising and Shining!

Priyanshu Saxena and Juhi Gupta have made a name and a career for themselves in the field of bloggin

Noida: Mom bloggers of NCR- Rising and Shining!

Blogging has now become much more than just journaling online. It is now a very popular career option, with many people earning handsomely by just blogging. While blogging is a space where youngsters are more often seen, there are women entrepreneurs in Noida who have made a name and a career for themselves in blogging. Today we bring you the stories of two such women who are not just entrepreneurs and bloggers, but also mothers.

Priyanshu Saxena, a resident of Arihant Harmony, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad, is a one-woman army. She is not only the mother of soon be to two years old Aryan, but also an advocate, a teacher, a graphic designer, also a writer, a bilingual poet, a storyteller, and the founder of 'Mera Panna', her blog.

While she started writing only as a hobby, her poems and stories have now been published in many national magazines and newspapers and have been shared in several poetry circuits.

In the field of literature, Priyanshu has been awarded citations, letters of honour, letters of excellence and many more awards.

Apart from writing, she also organises online poetry seminars from time to time on her forum, Mera Panna Manch, established in April 2013. She has also worked as an editor for many publishing houses and has edited around forty books.

Priyanshu also holds an interest in music. "My father had a deep knowledge of musical instruments and he liked to play many kinds of musical instruments. This developed my interest in musical instruments like dholakh, piano and guitar. When I get tired, I love to play dholak.”

Priyanshu tells us that her husband supports her a lot. “The support of family is very important. My husband encourages me, especially when I am feeling low.”

Being a blogger, Priyanshu spends most of her time online, however, she still advises to not be on the internet all the time. She says, "We all are using the internet for various purposes., studies, research, blogging and more. But you should always be aware of how much privacy you are compromising. Internet is not very safe after all."

Priyanshu's message for budding female writers is, "Keep writing, keep reading. Writers have a big role in building society. Imagine if Jayasi had not written Padmavat, or if any writer hadn't written anything, would there be evidence of our history? If you feel like writing, you should write."


Juhi Gupta, resident of Hyde Park, Sector 78, Noida is a homemaker and a lifestyle blogger in a web portal- Women99.

"My motive is not to just earn. The interest and zeal to write about what goes in my mind, ignited a spark in me to write blogs. I tried to write and I got a good response." says she.


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Because Juhi has studied early childhood care, she decided to write about parenting. However, she also writes about health, inspiration, self-care, and skin care.

While talking about the importance of the internet in today’s era, she says, “Internet is the ocean of knowledge. The Internet has given me the opportunity to share my experiences in multiple fields with others. Everything is available for everyone. You can find anything with just a click of your finger. I think the youngsters should use it wisely. If they are smart with how they use the internet, the youngsters can do wonders."

Juhi's husband is a chartered accountant and is very supportive of her blogging career. Juhi tells us that it was her husband who motivated and encouraged her to pursue blogging. She says, "He cooks when I work, he sits with me and asks about my day."

When she asked Juhi if not a blogger, then what would she be, she says, “If I hadn't been blogging, I might have been an interior designer or a voice-over artist.”

About her creative process, she says, "There's something that keeps revolving in my mind. I try to write it immediately. If I am not able to do that, whenever I get the time, the first thing which I do is to write my thoughts.” Juhi writes at