No-cash November
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No-cash November

Things certainly got out of control this month, but here's looking at the fun side of demonetisation... Here's to free tea, healthy jogs and interesting conversations...

No-cash November

Run you must, to be the first: The moment you spot a cash van near an ATM, it's a scramble. Run you must, or the cash will vanish before you know it. So perhaps this is a good time to put on your running shoes, and make a grab for it. You don't want to stand in line for hours just to know there are no more notes in the ATM to dispense.  


Jibber jabber, time no matter: You got hours to stand; you got loads of cheesed-off people around you; and you like chit-chatting. There's no time like now to start a conversations on just about anything. Modi, of course, is the flavour of the season.


Biscuits and tea, for free: Here's the windfall of standing in queues that can easily span two bus stops: Utterly delicious ginger tea and glucose biscuits. Yep! If this lasts any longer, there will indeed be free lunches.


Feelin' like a king, that's the thing: It's a complicated feeling! You feel like a nobody standing in the line for hours, and then you get a brand-new 2,000-rupee note in your hand. Suddenly you feel so rich! Pauper to prince in a matter of minutes!  


Get them out, the time's now: If you haven't been using your cards, it's time you did. For those who are not comfortable with plastic money, demonetisation means you have to now get them out from your handbag or wallet and let them breathe. Everything needs some fresh air now and then!