Govindpuri's fish market- a visual tour
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Govindpuri's fish market- a visual tour

It is one of the most famous fish markets in South Delhi

Govindpuri's fish market- a visual tour

Do you remember our teachers calling the class a fish market? Well, that may have been a real one but if you want to experience what a real fish market is like, you must visit Govindpuri near Kalkaji. This is one of Delhi's most famous fish markets!

Being far away from any sea shore it is difficult to get good quality seafood in Delhi. But still, there are a couple of places where you can get good quality and variety of seafood in Delhi. Govindpuri's fish market which boasts of having more than 100 varieties of seafood is one such place. You'll notice rows and fish lined up as you walk in. The floor remains damp so make sure you wear comfortable clothes and shoes. After you choose the fish, it is thoroughly cleaned and cut into pieces to your specifications. Surmai (King Fish), Hilsa, pomfret, catfish, crabs, shellfish, prawns, and other seafood are plentiful here.

Swarmed with buyers and sellers, the market is bustling all day. You would continuously hear prices and haggling customers. The smell can get overwhelming if you do not eat non-veg. But if you want a perfect fish curry, this is the place to buy your fish from.

We bring to you a visual tour of the market-

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