Look a little extra special with these beauty gadgets
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Look a little extra special with these beauty gadgets

The face tonners help in enhancing the face structure

Look a little extra special with these beauty gadgets

Everywhere we see, we are surrounded by gadgets which have made our lives easier (for better or for worse, who's to tell?). For doing almost any task, there is gadget in the market, which can now count your calories burned and even tell you how much you should be eating. These gadgets have also made their way in the beauty industry. For everyone who likes to take special care of themselves, here are a few beauty tech devices you can invest in to always appear appealing-

LED Face masks

Credit: Popsugar

You must have seen those LED face masks on celebrities or in some videos posted by beauty bloggers. It may look like a little robotic, but it is really not. The LED face mask is a beauty tech gadget which helps you to take care of your skin. It is said that it helps you to fight issues like acne and anti-ageing. Well, the colour of the mask differs for different problems.

Face tonners

Credit: Allure.com

They are are well-known beauty tech gadgets. The face tonners help in enhancing the face structure. They can also be relaxing and make you feel better after a long day. They also help to improve blood circulation in your face area, making yoru skin healthier.

AI personalised lipstick shades

Credit: Luxarylaunches 

It might be the fanciest beauty gadget of 2022 so far. With all the advanced technology, AI personalised lipstick shades give you the exact shade of lipstick you demand. The gadget has some basic shades of lipstick in it as a raw material. You can connect your phone to the gadget via an application. Then you can find the perfect lipstick shade according to your outfit. As you proceed, the gadget will provide you with the exact shade by mixing different colours.

Heated lash curler

Credit: desertcart

Do you also love beautifully curled eyelashes, but find it difficult to do? Heated Lash Curler can make your work easier. Some people have stubborn eyelashes which are difficult to curl. Heated Eye Lashes help make the work faster and hassle-free. The Gadget is handy and you can carry it anywhere.